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Family says Henrico student remains hospitalized after classroom attack

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- A Henrico County student remained hospitalized Tuesday after his family said he was attacked in his Highland Springs High School classroom last week.

The student's mother, Mary Martin, admitted her son hit another student first. But, she said, she was convinced he did it because he was being bullied and called disparaging names . After her son lashed out, she said other students jumped in and severely beat her son.

“If he hit someone, it's because he was being bullied. I’m not saying it's OK to hit anyone, but he was pushed to the max," Martin explained.

Martin said the incident happened during the school day and, to her knowledge, her son’s art teacher was inside the classroom at the time. She said the teacher was unable to break-up the fight.

"He has a broken arm, he has a bruised body. His head was hit on the cement floor and now he has brain swelling,” Martin said. Martin said she and her husband wanted answers from Henrico County Public Schools.

Police have not released information about the incident. A police spokesperson said officers were working with the school in an ongoing investigation.

Henrico County Schools spokesperson Andy Jenks did release a statement on the issue:

“We take very seriously the safety and security of our students, and we are investigating this incident. As always, school divisions are very limited in what information can be made publicly available. Any of our students who are determined to be responsible will be dealt with according to our established disciplinary policies and procedures.”

Jenks also said there were three students involved in the alleged beating, not four as Martin stated.

“We are trying to get charges against whoever needs to be charged and get my sons out of that school," Martin said. "If it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to hold the school accountable."

Martin also explained that her family is struggling financially to get legal representation and she believed the matter should be settled in court. Most of all, she wanted  her son to get better and said she is praying his injuries won’t affect his future.

“We are our child's only advocate. We’ll advocate for him every step of the way," Martin vowed.


  • paula

    This is what happen when teachers and prinpals turn their heads to the problem. We tell them our kids are going through things and they brush it under the rug.

      • The truth

        The liberals are running the schools now… there to scared to do anything…… All the Conservative teachers have moved on to other types of work… The kids the Naacp and all the other pressure groups are running things now…

  • Linda

    Where do you even begin to help this family raise funds to help with legal representation? Where are the “GOOD GUYS/LAWYERS” (if there are any) that would take this on pro bono. It happens everywhere else, someone steps forward and takes it on. This needs to stay at the forefront and this school needs to be held responsible. Enough is ENOUGH!

    • Chris

      Boy must’ve hit a black kid. Bc that’s what blacks do get all their “cousins” to help fight one battle bc secretly these little gangsta kid thugs are chickens!!!.

  • something isn't right

    this picture doesn’t look like its in a hospital room…he isn’t hooked to anything and if he had brain swelling, why isn’t he laying down? that isn’t a hospital bed either and where are the I.V. hook-ups? I do feel very upset by the bullying as it still happens in the adult world. for some reason, this looks fishy to me. I am not saying it didn’t happen, but which hospital is this at?

    • gleesh

      if you read on another page it says that he is in suicide watch after everything…that is why there is white walls with nothing around him and he is not hooked up to anything. the lights hurt his eyes because of the concussion/brain swelling…he is laying down to rest his brain

  • terri

    bo your a piece of trash.let me guess maybe one of the punks that had to “all jump him”if he did punch one why did more then one hit him back?you big baby.Like the kroger mob,can you babies not go one on one anymore.get a parent,would you?we know parents is impossible for you

  • Ray

    Let me try to help you guys report incidents like this by providing you with a template.

    A student in Henrico County, VA was severely beaten and hospitalized after being assaulted by a mob of students in a classroom.

    While school officials were unable to provide detailed information, we sent a reporter to speak to some of the witnesses. While we are concealing the names, these are the details we were able to ascertain…

  • John

    This is the school that drew criticism from Senator Donald McEachin and Supervisor Tyrone Nelson for writing too many detentions to black students. So the teachers and staff have reacted to their criticisms and had to let the black kids do whatever they want.

    • reeltime

      Actually John is the “wiseman” here. Obviously you haven’t been following all the lawsuits, investigations and ultimately the hands-off approach taken by the HPSS to the thugs. Just to divert the real problem which nobody wishes to address. I hope this approach continues and eventually most will see the real truth. The ones who choose to deny will always keep their head in the sand and try to continue to pull the deck out. The cards are running out though.

    • John

      I know kids that go to that school that are Hispanic. It was in the news a year or so ago that the black leaders has launched an investigation wondering why more detentions were written to black kids than white kids as a percentage. They then concluded that the teachers were singling out the black kids and writing them detentions way more. Once the threat of being called racist was on the board, the teachers backed off the detentions and discipline of the black kids. These Hispanic kids told me that the black kids can misbehave and interrupt the teachers at will, and when they asked their teachers why don’t they do something about it, the teachers stated that their “hands were tied when it came to doing anything to a certain culture of students”.

      • Meghan

        John, please…I do NOT believe that last statement. No teacher would say that to another student. You’re making it up to make your point

  • Mike

    I can’t believe that the county leaders told teachers not to write up black kids and to write up more white kids. Highland Springs is majority black so that is why more black kids get wrote up for bad behavior go to a west end school where the majority is white and I bet more white kids get in trouble than black kids. I am so tired of hearing about how black people get picked on more than other races we are all human and the last I knew we as humans want the best for our kids. Start getting the kids that don’t want to learn and disrupt class out school and stop putting them in special schools for bad behavior and start holding their parents liable to find programs for their bad child.

    • BO

      Chester Va. is next.It is already changing and I think in 10 years it will be another Highland Springs.Laid to waste by the liberal agenda.

    • Tasha

      How many black kids are shooting up schools and killing their whole families. Don’t forget to post on those articles. I bet no one calls the school and report that their children is a threat to others. This not a race thing. Did you notice that more comes out with each report. It went from four kids to three. I guess you don’t want to know what he really did.

  • Tasha

    This is half of a story. Stop believing what you read. He did not get beat up by a mob of students. There are more sides to this story. That’s why no one was arrested. The classroom consisted of both races and he was not mobbed and he played a big part to calling names and negative remarks. Some of the things he saidhas me scared to sendmy child back to school.

  • t

    No one has the right to almost kill someone over comments that were made or a punch that was thrown. What would these kids be facing if this young man lost his life? Stop pointing fingers and fix the problem at the school.

  • Kash

    This is not the whole story. I’m a student at HSHS and this kid was calling others in the class racist names. He wasn’t being bullied. He also tried to throw a chair at the classmate before punching him first. Don’t be fooled, he’s not as innocent as it tries to paint him to be.

  • CC

    Whatever happened, this is one of the reasons I started homeschooling this year. Parents have no control, teachers have no control.

  • erika

    Its too bad that he got hurt so badly but there is obviously more to this story.. If he was being bullied, y didn’t he go to the teacher. You can’t hit someone and not expect to get hit back. Seems like he was the bully. I don’t see anyone commenting on his actions that started the attack, maybe because he’s white

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    what I was a Singer in the end class of 93. yes it based on the comments here these people are very ignorant and very stupid as the school at the time was about 85 to 90 blackyes it could have been racially motivated but evidently this kid is very horrible looking at the pictures of them to watch the video this kid looks very small an I was at Varina where white kids picked on me all the time so I had to go to Highland Springs wear black kids picked on me all the time because I was different where white kids picked on me all the time so I had to go to Highland Springs wear black kids pick on me all the time because I was different they didn’t like me because I was from Varina. so you know this child was beaten up the school didn’t protect provide a safe place or security was not there to protect protect these children of education that they’re trying to get you can tell the mother doesn’t have much money she does not look like she could afford a real lawyer afford to put her children in better schools so next thing you know the truancy officer will come visit her and tell her she needs to put her children back in the school where her children got hurt Highland Springs I am a shame to be out Springer shame on you you need to do something we never even had a class reunion for 20 years or 20 year reunion never happen.what’s this racially motivated I do not know but based on the comments the one here are these racist people they want to assume that it was racially motivated it probably was racially motivated I’m tired ever since this political forces change that people think that they’re entitled to go beat up whoever they want even if it’s racially motiv title: minute to act like a wild animal and beat the hell out of somebody it take you to make 16 an hour working at a fast food restauranhr working at a fast food restaurant. this is what our generation has to grow up with and we need to be accountable as parents as in adults to teach the children right from wrong and the parents need to be held accountable of these children that beat this child up I’m not saying this child was innocent I’m not saying this child was guilty or he deserved it the parents that allowed their children to act like wishould be brought up on charges should be be held accountable the children should be expelled and definitely brought up on charges. maybe if we have a school like boot camp that would teach these kids be accountable. but from what I’ve been reading about the county leaders and the congressmen not get involved you elected these officials to represent you regardless of what color your skin is if they cannot represent you. Lead investigator for this poor child then you do an impeachment petition to ask them to step down maybe we need to do the same thing for the county supervisor our senator or congressman needs to step down maybe we need to ask the president to step down if he can not get involved in this we Eric Holder to step down. that’s why we need petitions and we need to start holding our politicians accountable for what they did get involved and get involved in your children protect your children our children are the most important things to us in the world there are a product of us

  • Marty

    We have to look at it both ways. No only at the student basis but as the teacher and parent level. It is so much that goes on in a school. Parents don’t want teachers to touch their students and when a school tries to do something about what is going on, the parents go to the school board meetings and require the principal and the school to be lighter on the students. It is not right for anyone to hit anybody, nor should there be bullying. We have to take the time to evaluate what is being done and how it is being done (correction of students) as well as the behavior of the students themselves to even what is going on in their homes and their lives socially.

  • Herbert Bert Sterling

    It’s not about “bullies.” It’s about Ғ∪сκ¡∩9 ∩¡99ɛГѕ. Do you know why white people stood in the schoolhouse doorway 60 years ago? Do you know why white parents pulled their kids out of school rather than have them bussed across town to the ∩¡99ɛГ schools 40 YEARS AGO? IT’S BECAUSE OF THIS. IT’S BECAUSE OF ſ∪сκing ΝΙĜĜΕЯЅ!

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