Students identified in Ice Bucket Challenge attack on teen with autism

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BAY VILLAGE, Ohio – Ohio police said they have identified the people involved after the attack on a teen with autism surfaced.

A video of the prank shows the teen standing outside a garage door in his underwear when someone from the rooftop dumps a bucket of murky brown fluid over his head.

The 15-year-old boy’s mother told CBS 6 affiliate WJW-TV in Cleveland that the video was discovered on her son’s cell phone.

“He was embarrassed because he did not know what the contents were until afterwards, and then he didn’t want anybody to know,” the mother told the station. “They used his phone to tape it, and they put it up on Instagram.”

“We are being very thorough in gathering all the necessary facts before presenting to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office,” Police Chief Mark Spaetzel said. “We are not sure when that will happen because we have additional interviews to conduct and further investigative avenues to pursue.”

Criminal charges against the juveniles involved could range from misdemeanor assault to disorderly conduct, according to a criminal defense attorney.

“As heinous as these acts were, it’s going to be difficult because under state law there’s really not a lot of offenses that fit,” the attorney said.

He added that it likely doesn’t qualify as a hate crime in the state of Ohio, which could bring harsher penalties.

Bay Village is a suburb of Cleveland, Carey’s hometown and the city where “The Drew Carey Show” was based.

“If the Bay Village PD wants to start a reward fund to find who did this, contact me. I’ll donate $10k,” Carey tweeted over the weekend.

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg joined Carey on Sunday in offering $10,000 each over Twitter to find those behind the prank on the student from Bay Village, Ohio.

The stunt appears to be a spoof of the ALS ice bucket challenge in which participants get a bucket of ice water dumped over their heads. The campaign raises awareness and donations for research on Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.


  • SSS

    I thought that throwing bodily fluids on a person would be a more serious crime due to the possible transmission of communicable disease (HIV, hepatitis, etc)? If the boy was a police officer, it would be a more serious crime. Why is the public health not considered as serious?

    • H. Ann

      I was just thinking the same thing! Also, why not a hate crime, it was a crime against a person with a disease. If I were his parents those kids would not make it to court. I would spend every last dollar making their lives miserable. I might eve.n get so e bigger boys and girls to give them a serious asswhipping and then dumping all that on them. I dare to hear 1 parent say “my kid is angel!!”

    • Melissa Owens Gressman

      Because they didn’t think to include those with disabilities or old age when drafting the hate crime law.

      • Tommy

        To target anyone because of a known or perceived disability is hateful and if it cannot be charged as a HATE CRIME per-SE then I would pray the Judge apply the eye-for-an-eye rule and make those who hid in the shadows while performing such a vile and immoral act suffer the same fate. The Parents of any minor involved should be held accountable as well.

  • Ruth shekleton

    I hope they fry their butts and make them do community service for the autism awareness so they know what these kids go through from day to day. .. it would give them a different point of view of autistic kids

  • Ethel

    Just sad really that there are people out there that would do something so henious to someone else. We need to learn some respect.

  • Melissa Owens Gressman

    What is sad to me is I would bet money at least one of those kid’s parents knows their child and the others who did it

  • krista

    I agree Ms. Gressman, even better, when these delinquents are identified and charged, their parents also have to participate in the community service side by side with their delinquent. At least that way, the parents will actually know where their children are and what they are doing…

  • Ron Melancon

    These bratty teens are the same in Virginia when they can do what ever they want including smashing doors and disrupting my home and then running into a school parking lot and they don’t get into trouble

  • SSS

    One thing, community service only works, if the person has a conscience…
    and if your child has autism, would you REALLY want them exposed to these sociopaths doing community service?
    Why is our society so afraid of punishing those whose behavior is so aberrant?

  • leon's mom

    So there is no way to change the hate crimes law and include the disabled (mentally,autistic,etc.) and possibly the elderly too? And yep, I think with minor children parents need to be held responsible too.

  • ASD parent

    Post the names online somewhere. Public shaming is probably the best at this point. And don’t forget that college and employers search internet, etc for information. The names of each perpetrator (if posted) will be associated with what they have done.

  • Jean

    It made me quite sad to see this video. There are many people out there with different types of disabilities and it makes me mad when people can’t see the beauty in them. The bullies are monsters, not people. I hope they all get misdemeanor charges and see how like being put behind bars like animals. Actually, the bullies could probably get misdemeanors just because of the spit and other bodily fluids that came in contact with the boy which could make him ill if any of the bullies have any health related diseases.

  • shelle

    This is outragous, how is this not a hate crime?! They targeted someone they knew to have a disability and used it to embarrass and abuse him. My nephew is autistic and I would be flipping if someone did this to him. If they are minors then they need to be tried as adults for this! How dare they!! Completely unacceptable!

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