VIDEO: Half-naked NASCAR fan climbs fence at Richmond International Raceway

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Police arrested a man for disorderly conduct and being drunk in public after he climbed the fence around the track at Richmond International Raceway during Saturday night's Federated Auto Parts 400, according to Richmond International Raceway officials.

A race fan captured video of the man atop the fence and posted it on YouTube.

The incident forced Saturday night's race to be run under a caution until the man climbed down. He did not seem injured.

According to Henrico police, 53-year-old James R. Dennis of Hopewell told police it was his birthday and he wanted to be on TV.

Dennis waited until police were looking away, then ran  to the fence to climb it.  He was immediately detained by officers when he climbed down a few minutes later, as seen in the clip.

Dennis was charged with drunk in public and disorderly conduct.  CBS 6 left a message at phone number listed to Dennis asking for comment on this story, but so far, no one has returned the call.

James Richard Dennis

James Richard Dennis

CBS 6 showed the clip of Dennis on top of the fence to several NASCAR fans on Sunday.

"That is a foolish thing to do.  He's up there waving his hands around.  If he lost his balance, just for one second, he's on the track and he's going to be splat," said Ralph Self.

"[Race fans] are here to have a good time and you get a few who are overzealous.  There's one in every crowd," said Toby Leonard.

Henrico Police could not say if Dennis had posted bail yet.

Official at RIR said they will review the incident at their usual post-race meetings.  Driver Brad Keselowski won Saturday night's NASCAR race.


  • Becky

    This is a heralded Money Maker for Richmond and must be treated Correctly.
    Police/Media Don’t Have a Clue, but Thanks, Joe.

      • athynz

        David why do you feel to need to either mention me in your comments or stalk me? Dude your obsession needs to stop. All you do is expose yourself for the ignorant, cowardly, lying steaming pile of bull excrement that you are.

      • David

        Are you going to whine and cry petie? You have much more delusions of grandeur than you have brains, brawn, skills, or talent. anyone that knows you know you are really a blowhard loser and a coward.

      • athynz

        Don’t act like you know me boy – other than my name you haven’t a clue about me. Then again your response is exactly what I’d expect from an ignorant cowardly troll.

  • Sue

    There must have been 2 guys wanting to climb because the guy on 1st turn in front of us about 9 was doing the motion acting like he was going to do it until cop told him go to seat didn’t have a goatee ..

  • Robbie

    You get that many drunk white rednecks together and someone is gonna do something stupid like that. You get that many blacks together and the brothers will be shooting, stabbing, and robbing each other all night.

    • reeltime

      That would be very true. You could not fit that many in the finer parts of Richmond over a long weekend without @ least 3 to 4 shootings. Country boys party and get drunk and pass out, others choose to shoot each other. mmmmm Imagine that. Rahter see this news than some reckless shoot a 4 yr old, where’s MOM?/ with a pellet gun and of course all the usual robberies, muggings and bad fire woundings. At least gubmint (aka, taxpayers) won’t be paying a hospital bill.

    • kitty

      O my gosh…..always… always bring up race…..Jesus why…..just couldn’t stick to the story at hand….and now you got your bashers chiming in

  • Glen Allen

    Must be a slow day for news. A drunk guy took his shirt off on a summer night and climbed a fence he was not supposed to climb.

  • Cletus Jones

    What is wrong with that man? He climbs the fence naked and starts waving his man-sausage at the drivers. There were white women in the crowd. What was he thinking? White children don’t want to see his yogurt-cannon. What a fool.

  • paula

    Cletus so what are you saying? White women and children is the only ones he should respect? I am sure what he was showing only white women wanted it.

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