VIDEO: Teen mob uses pumpkins to attack Kroger workers trying to stop parking lot assault

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WARNING: This story contains material that some viewers may find disturbing due to its graphic nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are searching for a group of teens responsible for a brutal mob attack in a Kroger parking lot in Tennessee Saturday night.

WREG reports three people were attacked by the large group of teens around 9:15 p.m. in the store parking lot at Highland and Poplar.

A woman captured the horrifying attack with her cell phone. That video has gone viral on Facebook and other social media sites.

“Hold on, they got a white dude,” the woman laughs. “Look at ’em. Let me get out the way.”

The woman then asks “where is the security at” as one of the workers is kicked in the head by an assailant and then pelted with pumpkins from a store display.

“Wait a minute. Hold on!” she yells, as the gravity of the situation seems to be sinking in, as she sees another worker being thrown to the ground.

“Oh my God,” she says, as others scream and horns honk in the parking lot. “That man, get him y’all. Somebody call somebody… These stupid @%$ kids fool.”

Police said this all started when a 25-year-old man was attacked by the group walking to his car. At that point, two Kroger employees, a 17 and 18-year-old, ran to help him.

That’s when the mob turned on them and they were repeatedly hit in the head and face. The teens told police that pumpkins “in excess of 20 pounds” were thrown at their heads while they were lying on the ground.

As a result, police said both teens lost consciousness before a security guard eventually managed to stop the attack.

A Kroger official said the employees were transported to an area hospital and then released to their parents.

“It is extremely troubling to see how many young people were involved, especially on the heels of last week’s youth forum,” Memphis Police Director Toney Director Armstrong wrote in a statement. “Last night’s events clearly demonstrates a lack of parental controls and if warranted these parents will also be held accountable.”

Witness: ‘Blood and Pumpkins’

A witness, who spoke to WREG on the condition of anonymity, said he is a friend of the victims.

The witness said the group was made up of “100 to 125 kids” who were playing a game called “Point Them Out, Knock Them Out.”

“Where they would point someone out and attempt to knock them out or fight them. There was no real reason behind it,” the witness said. “They followed hitting him with a pumpkin. He was already unconscious, so all you could see was blood and pumpkins.”

The teen, who watched in horror as the mob beat his friends until they couldn’t move, said this is the second weekend he saw a violent mob of kids attack random people in the shopping plaza parking lot.

“Why, honestly why? Why did that happen?” the witness asked. “There was no real reason behind it. What was the point of that game? You are hurting somebody you don`t even know.”

Racially Motivated Attack?

The witness says the video of the incident, which appears to show several black teenagers beating one white teen, only shows a part of what happened that night. He said that blacks, whites, girls and boys were all part of the vicious pack.

When asked if all the victims white were white, the witness said the victims were both black and white.

“Will is white, Brian is black and then my other friend, Brandon, he’s black as well,” replied the witness.

WREG slowed down the video and spotted a security guard dragging a black teen away from the crowd.

The witness identified that teen as another Kroger employee who was knocked unconscious after he tried to stop the mob.

“It’s kind of traumatizing because it didn’t seem real. It didn’t seem like any of that would happen,” the witness said.


  • Kat

    This is NOT “reverse racism”, it’s RACISM period. Racism is NOT reserved for blacks. Racism against a majority is still racism.

  • wildman

    The one in Green shirt was out on Bond for carrying gun. Has a rap sheet with 25 charges . Dealing drugs, guns,beating so on . His mother has a rap sheet longer than his . The Mayoer an Police chief , both Black , refuse to file Hate Crime charges even with slurs yelled . When mob left they robbed 2 more people on there way out . This is a everyday affair in Memphis, crimes against Whites is incereasing monthly .

  • SSS

    “demonstrates a lack of parental controls and if warranted these parents will also be held accountable”?…………. Really?! No, it demonstrates a bunch of sociopaths, qualifying for prison. Parental control has nothing to do with this.

  • Deborah

    Do any of you making all of these racial comments live in Memphis? If you don’t then don’t speak on something that you don’t know. The victims in this instance were both black and white. Which by the way has nothing to do with the facts that that mob was out of control. Would it have made a difference if all the victims were black? Instead of making ignorant comments come up with a resolution. In cities across this nation the same thing happens it just doesn’t always make the national news. Crime is crime and ignorance is ignorance. I live in Memphis and witness this type of behavior on the news on a regular basis. The city has a big problem and something drastic needs to be done. The media is doing it’s job by getting you to chime in. Yet if some of you were as educated as you think you are you would know that. The same thing happened in Louisville back in March involving a mob of teens of different races and backgrounds. Two teens attacked a mentally challenged man in Delaware a few weeks ago. What about the girl who pretended to be possessed and attacked a man on the train while her friends taped it. How about the pregnant woman who was brutally attacked by a grown man playing the knockout game? Did you comment on that? Let’s face this country has issues that have nothing to do with race. It has to do with people who have no respect for anyone and anything.

    • j Smith

      YOu are an idiot,this is the culture of these kids no supervision no guidance who are the parents. What are they teaching there kids nothing, they let the world raise them. Think clearly this IS Racism.

    • Memphian

      I live in Memphis. I have watched the video over and over. There were only black kids attacking and the only black person attacked, was attacked because he was helping the other 2 being attacked. I don’t know about hate crime, but I think it warrants attempted murder. The child was already knocked out and they were throwing 20 lb pumpkins on his head. I am very angry. These thugs could have killed innocent people and how do we know there won’t be any long term damage from their actions and they will most likely get away with a slap on the wrist and do this all over again. My son worked at Kroger years ago, and if either of these employees had been my son, I would being pressing attempted murder charges myself.

  • Becky

    Stark Contrast between Memphis and Ferguson. Can’t miss the Racism. It’s blatantly Transparent!
    Ferguson: Full Forces of the Feds, and their all their racist arms and armies, and media accomplices. Memphis: No Outrage, No Feds, No Media Force Feeds.

    • Cletus Jones

      Becky, you should shut your pie-hole. You strike me as a perpetual victim (not a surprise, women love to claim victim status) and a gold-digger who lives on alimony and child support while your ex-husband works two jobs to support your giant rear-end.

      • TheRealBecky

        Cletus you play nice with you sister “Becky” now . . . WAIT a minute -NOT THAT NICE!! GROSS!!!!!!! THAT IS YOUR SISTER!!! That was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen! Is this where you want to be when Jesus comes back? (The two of you going at it like a couple of inbred spider monkeys (with only 3 teeth between you)!!!)
        You two are some really really twisted hillbillies.

  • Raj

    I wonder when the back community is going to address the rampant racism towards white people and Asian people. My guess is never. Black kids are raised to be racist by their . A white kids cant go to a predominately black school without encountering vicious racist attacks that are encouraged by their parents , ive seen it A black kids can go to a predominately white school and thrive. Ive seen it . Another things is that, when stuff like this happens , stupid white liberals blame white people and make excuses for this behavior. Its as common as air. just scroll though the comments . some of moronic liberal twits here are actually blaming republicans for this attack . black community is racist , liberals are racist AND deranged.

    • Joe

      that’s because these liberals grew up in predominately white upper middle class neighborhoods.
      it’s never happened in their back yard.

    • CatBallou

      Seriously? I grew up with whites and was never raised to be racist. I could just as easily say that all white kids were raised to be racist yet I know that would be a fallacy as well. Please stop making blanket statements that do not apply to everyone, it is not even logical. There are ignorant fools in every race! Do you honestly think that all black people condone this type of behavior? Only one white person was injured. Two black kids were injured trying to intercede so get a grip and stop preaching hatred.

      • CatBallou

        By the way, I live in Gary Indiana, a predominantly black city as you well know, and I can walk out of my door right now and take pictures of all the white kids going to IUN. They also routinely at ten baseball games downtown and are frequently in the majority. Please talk what you know. But I guess then you would be completely silent. Matter of fact there is a white-owned tattoo parlor up the street not three blocks from me. Blacks and whites both patronize it. And the whites come in to our black clubs on Fridays and Saturdays and everyone has a good time. I don’t know how it is where you live, but it is not that way everywhere, I can guarantee you.

  • alfred j keyser

    I voted for Obama twice, I’m a white male. I am disappointed in Obama, he’s totally pandering to the Al Sharpton wing of the Democrats. (Don’t get me started on immigration!) I don’t think I’ll be voting for an Obama Democrat next time around. My only problem in November is the cast of wackjobs and crooks the Republicans usually nominate makes for a tough choice.

    When an innocent person is attacked by a mob it is reprehensible whomever that person is. Now, it seems that it’s only bad if that person attacked is black and the attackers are white. I never really bought in to the “liberal media” bias but this is so obvious true when it comes to race.

    The rage and lawlessness of black youth is frightening. I’m glad that lady video taped these kids, despite the glee in her voice. These Iphone videos are the only way we can see what is really happening without too much media spin. Stand up for the rights of individuals to videotape in public. This is especially important when the police are interacting with the public.

    The officer in Fergusson, MO was dealing with a criminal not a choirboy. There is a ton of money involved in a wrongful death lawsuit when police are found guilty or negligent. It’s better than winning the lottery. That’s why you get all of the spin, Sharpton and Jesse are there for the money, they want a piece of the action. The lawyers take these cases on contingency
    and get more than a third of any award.

    The officer in Fergusson may have used excessive force but let the investigation move forward.

    For those of you who are going to hate people because of they are different, please don’t be hateful, do something good for others, something good and positive. Purposeful work is the key to happiness.

    • hynzerelli

      You’re a idiot & a self loathing maggot full of white guilt. I sure hope it’s u getting beaten next time around. It won’t be me cuz my 9 mm will have something to say about it.

  • Zopai (@Zopai)

    Obama these could be your sons beating down a White person that also could be your son?? I am black and I am SICK of these lowlife animals they are not black they are the word they use all the time. Jesse Al Obama you are all racist for not speaking out. To the young man I am sorry that this happened to you. More Black people with brains speakout on these ANIMALS

    • CatBallou

      Are you sorry for the two black kids who were also injured trying to intercede? Because I’m sorry for all three of them. Interesting that you just express sympathy for the white victim.

  • Steve

    Comment from New York City – Horrific event and not surprised to see mainstream news media ignoring it. Holder, Sharpton and the rest of the agitators conveniently ignore events like this. Hypocracy, Double Standard……disgusting leadership in DC. Why isn’t Holder visiting Memphis? Is he a racist? Probably.


    The black community is absolutely racist and when I can’t avoid black people I will armed to the teeth when I deal with them. I will never in my life be a patron of a black business and I will never lift a finger to help a black person. The sons of Obama in this video show exactly what the black community is all about – HATRED OF WHITE PEOPLE.

    • Zopai (@Zopai)

      I feel you man but these people like are not Black people if you get what I mean. I am a BLACK VET conservative law abiding. I am on your side! This is the issue these ANIMALS create between the races its more Blacks like me than you think.

    • CatBallou

      Are you sorry for the two black kids who were also injured trying to intercede? Because I’m sorry for all three of them. Interesting that you just express sympathy for the white victim.

  • Jay

    I’m curious, for all of those who say this is NOT a hate crime. If there had been several white Concealed Weapon holders like myself exiting the Kroeger when this incident occurred, and we started shooting the attackers in defense of the unconscious teens would you consider that NOT a hate crime? I can assure you that Rev Sharpton and President Obama would. They would be demonizing those of us who protected the victims and glorifying those we shot. Please note this is merely a hypothetical scenario. Please read the U.S. definition of Hate crime before you say that it does not fit the events.

  • Joe

    That black girl shooting the video thought it was all funny that they were beating up a white dude!
    I’m sick of this racism from blacks! Their hatred of all whites due to injustices they may have experienced is
    not the answer!

  • Craig Roberts

    This is all bull. Any act of violence is deplorable. This whole conversation is being used to stir the pot of hatred and resentment. I am black. Clearly no person of any race should be subject to violence. But slavery lasted for hundreds of years, whole families killed, beaten, children sold, families split up for profit. The powers are using the fact that black america still suffer from so may generations of poverty and dysfunction, victims of a long history of depression and the fact that the average white person thinks that every person determines his own future – which is true to a point.

    We are all beneficiaries of our ancestors. Educated parents have a tendency to produce educated children and vice versa. Poverty and ignorance also has a generational effect. So despite the fact that all violence is deplorable, there is a feeling (which is wrong) that whole families were beaten. Why should I loose sleep when a few whites get beat up? This is the struggle, and this is what is being used to drive races into their ideological corners, each unable to see and appreciate the views of the other.

    The name calling ensues and violence erupts. We are not ready for a mature and rational discussion about race. It is still a heated subject. When we look at the incident in Rosewood (go watch the movie) of an actual incident which took place in the south (Florida I think) where and entire community of blacks were beaten and killed (women and children included) and the survivors had to run for their lives, it makes its mark on people. The feeling is that unless and until the current generation of whites show some sympathy for what happened to our black ancestors, we will not show any sympathy to what happens going forward. This feeling is wrong, but we are humans and that’s how we feel. This is why a larger dialogue is so desperately needed.

    Whites feel that they were not there, never owned a slave and therefore should not feel any remorse for something they did not do. Blacks argue that everything the average white person is today, is a result of decades of depriving others of what’s fair. There are finite resources in any society. When fairly distributed everyone can live a decent life. For many generations blacks were not entitled to anything, leaving their fair share of jobs, income, and opportunity to be consumed by the dominant race. So whenever anyone is unjustly deprived, another is unjustly enriched. This unjust enrichment lasted for hundreds of years and the feeling is blacks are just now catching up.

    I myself am the only person in the history of my family to become an MBA Candidate. Everyone else only went as far as high school or a GED. So having jumped the proverbial hurdle, it is likely that my children will go on to have college degrees because of my emphasis on education. But the opposite is also true. The lack of emphasis by parents is also passed down to their children and grandchildren, hate transcends, poverty transcends, which is why we are where we are today dealing with race violence and a gap between whites and blacks that just can’t seem to go away.

    • Ruben

      You and the communist agenda are one and the same. In pursuit of your MBA you should study Chinese and expatriate yourself to China where you will be just as equal as over 1/6 of the planet. No doubt your education was paid for by children of former slave holders.(unless your slave-ship was due to one of many black slave owners). So feel superior to the rest of your family, if you must, but bottom line is; racism is taught from one generation to the next. You’ve justified their actions when you wrote; “Clearly no person of any race should be subject to violence. But slavery lasted for hundreds of years, “. Not accounting for the grammatical errors (for an MBA candidate, no less); the intention of your heart is clearly shown. You’re OK with this?

    • Joe Public

      Slavery didn’t last for hundreds of years, it’s lasted for 1000’s of years and is still going strong today… least in Africa. Why does it still exist in Africa? Because that’s where it was originally conceived and practiced long before Africans introduced the concept to the rest of the world.

      Men in Africa still exchange cattle for women as a dowery but calling it a dowery doesn’t make it not slavery. Woman are traded like property and that is slavery. But that type of slavery will never get any attention because it’s black on black slavery and that doesn’t support a racist narrative. It would also make the race hustlers hypocrites if they were aware of it and didn’t go over to march in protest. There’s no money in that so it’s easier to go to Ferguson where we can blame the white man and hopefully get a big check for a wrongful death lawsuit.

      “Among the forest states of West Africa, such as Benin, and in the Kongo kingdom in central Africa slavery was already an important institution prior to the European arrival, but the Atlantic trade opened up new opportunities for expansion and intensification of slavery in those societies.”

      So if blacks want to be mad at someone, they can be mad at their forefathers who apparently made some pretty bad choices. The best revenge would be to not make bad choices in their own lives. Stay in school, get a job and don’t throw pumpkins at peoples heads.

      • CatBallou

        Whether Africans started slavery or not (and they didn’t), does that negate or in anyway mitigate the way whites treated African slaves once they were here in their possession? I don’t think it does. Further, even after slavery what did Africans have to do with Jim Crowe, or segregation? It’s people like you who are keeping this agenda a life. People like you, both black and white.

  • CatBallou

    Hugh Gwynn, a white man, was the first slave owner in 1640. Anthony Johnson didn’t own a slave until 1654. Stop propagating misinformation. With that being said, these ignorant fools should be placed under the jail.

  • Joe Public

    So there were no slaves in Egypt? Has everyone been making that up and I’m just finding out?
    And Abe Lincoln wanted to keep slavery right? And the civil war had nothing to do with slavery right?
    Regardless of who you think started slavery, it wasn’t the people being beaten in that video so I find it totally offensive on their behalf that anyone would even consider bringing slavery/civil rights into the discussion as some sort of justification.
    What is the half-life for blaming others btw? Is it like a forever kind of deal? Can I blame someone for something that happened like 3,000 years ago regardless of how little it seems to be related to me today?

  • Joe Public

    I’m sorry cat, but if you think the first slave was owned by Hugh Gwynn (color irrelevant) in 1640, then you are definitely on the spectrum for some form of mental disorder.
    Slavery goes back thousands of years. And that’s coming from someone who thinks that next to Star Wars, the bible is the biggest fantasy story ever told. Start with the Pharaohs….as in Egyptians…Egypt is in Africa btw. Tutankhamun owned thousands of slaves. Surely you won’t deny that right? He was African wasn’t he? He wasn’t a fat guy from Alabama with fried catfish grease spilling down his double chin right?
    Now if you’re talking about the first white person to own a black slave, you might be right. While he may have been a customer, he sure as hell was not the inventor of slavery.
    But I understand. Blacks would never want to acknowledge that Africans had a hand in engineering the plight that they would one day claim was the reason why they couldn’t keep from throwing 20 lb pumpkins on innocent peoples heads.

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