Mother releases video of son’s last moments caught on GoPro in road safety campaign

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NORFOLK, England — The mother of a 38-year-old man killed riding his motorcycle released video her son shot with a GoPro camera during his fatal crash. Brenda Holmes said she wanted the world to see the video and hoped it would lead to safer driving habits.

“This isn’t an easy thing to do but I just hope that somebody benefits from it,” Holmes said in the video posted on YouTube. “That motorists slow down and look before they turn into junctions.”

Warning: While not graphic, this video contains footage of the collision, which you may find distressing. 

While motorcyclist David Holmes was going almost 100 mph when he crashed, the other driver involved in the collision pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving. The speed limit on that road is 60 mph, according to a report in London’s Mirror.

“If we can prevent one accident; one family going through what we have been through then David would not have died in vain,” she said. “I know he rode fast that day, he loved speed but he also loved life.”

The crash happened in June 2013.


  • Sheri

    Sorry for the loss of your son. But really no one can expect to see a motorcycle at 100 mph it’s like a flash. I don’t blame the car. Your son was not only flying he passed a vehicle in the same lane prior to the accident. If he wanted to speed take it to a track where it’s safe not on the streets. Again my condolence on the loss of your beloved son.

    • H. Ann

      I agree with everything you said. I don’t think most people realize what 100 mph on a motorcycle feels like. What if he would have survived and killed tge person in that car?

      • Roger

        Sir if he had killed the car driver so what, the driver failed to look, failed to stop and failed to signal. In my book he was at fault, had I have been in a lorry he would have been dead. UK traffic law demands that the car turning right has to signal, change lanes,stop and look. Going by the vid he just changed lanes and went round he never even stopped when the bike hit him.

    • Heather

      Yes. I am a passenger when my husband is riding his motorcycle. I understand the desire and thrill to speed on his bike. However, thankful for your willingness to share your sons video, it is visual proof that the speed of the motorcycle leaves it nearly impossible for any car to stop for the bike, and the bike, to slow down enough to allow caution for dangerous situations. Just as the license given to the automobile driver after prooving the responsibility to drive is known, the same is expected of the motorcycle license. Again, thank you for sharing. I am sorry for your loss.

  • Jean

    Did the police see this video? Granted, the car pulled out in front of the bike, but he was driving recklessly. I agree, take it to a track or someplace safe, not on the road with other people. Sorry for your loss.

  • Almerick Parker

    Sorry for your loss.. but : your son was recklessly driving……Exceeding posted speeds, passing in same lane….. this accident was totally preventable. This should be titled ” How not to drive a motorcycle responsibly”…. way better title……sorry

    • Roger

      I think you will find he was in his correct lane. The only thing he did wrong was speed, the other guy, oh yeah, failure to signal, failure to stop, failure to look. Perhaps a 40′ artic would have had the same result, the car driver still had not stopped after the bang! They had absolutely no reaction at all.

      • Bernie

        How can you tell the car did not have on it’s turn signal and did not stop after the collision? The video is not clear enough to show either of those. And it looks to me the car had been stopped in the turning lane prior to turning.

      • Roger

        The camera was good enough to give the details, the car certainly did not stop, at the distance the car should have signalled in excess of 6 times, and it would have shown, watch the car carefully it does not stop, even when the bike almost has hit the car. I have watched the video several times, and know Norfolks Murderway, in fact if you watch the intersection for an hour or more about 25% of the vehicles do not signal or stop. This junction is a known killer yet nothing is done. There should be a roundabout here. There have been ambulances hit the same.

      • Omar

        Failing to signal is not a crime. Speeding is. Even if he was going 20mph slower he would have had time to slow down and avoid the car. Theres no point placing blame on anyone; in this unfortunate circumstance one person has lost a life while the other has to live with the fact that he played a hand in it.

      • Roger

        Woa there Omah, In the UK and here in France I am afraid that failure to indicate whether or not it causes an accident or not is an infraction under law just as much as speeding (due consideration to other road users). It carries the same potential penalty as a basic. Now the thing is is the situation exacerbated, eg accident, another caused to alter course, then that is then due consideration, or even due care and attention or even dangerous driving. If the incident ends in the death of another even if the culprit is not involved in the accident so occasioned (lorry swerves to miss and kills a cyclist) the culprit can go down for a very long time indeed. So next time you negligently do not use Mad Sergeant Major remember prison could be the next stop. (MSM= mirror, signal, manoeuvre, however sensible motorcyclists use MSMLARM or Mad Seargeant Majors Are Really Mad. or Mirror, Signal, Mirror, Look All Round, Manouvre).
        Drive to arrive alive. All aspects of driving need to be regarded, all stupid things cause accidents, poor and bad road surfaces, weather, people quarrelling, road rage. EVERYBODY is guilty of most. I have reported police for a long list of infractions even they are not immune.

      • Stephen

        You can’t even see the right turn signal from the video, so how you can say that he didn’t signal I don’t understand. Also if, as you said, that area is a known killer how stupid is it to be speeding through there? How can you tell that the driver didn’t stop AFTER the impact? Do you have ESP? You can’t see the car at all after the impact. This man’s mother said they were leaving a race when this happened. So what happened here is he was all amped up from the race they were at and decided to drive like a maniac. 100 mph and you think the driver is to blame. That’s ridiculous. If the motorcyclist hadn’t been going that fast, there should have been PLENTY of time for that car to make that turn. But because he was travelling at the speed of light there was no time for the driver or the motorcyclist to react. It’s a terrible thing, it’s a tragedy what happened but the fact is that TOO many motorcyclists drive like idiots and then have the nerve to turn around and blame other drivers for accidents.

  • Judy Smith

    I have to agree with all of the above posters. I am sorry for your loss, but the motorcyclist played the biggest part in the accident. I would like to thank the family for posting it because as they said if it saves just 1 life its worth it. This video shows both sides why motorcyclist need to be just as aware of other vehicles as vehicles need to be aware of bikes. and EVERYONE need to drive responsibly, this can save a lot of pain for families/friends of yours.

    • Roger

      Are you suggesting that one infraction of speeding has more than failing to signal, stop look and even stop after the bike hit. Frankly the army spent a lot of money on me to “drive to arrive alive” and swerving is the worse thing you can do, albeit frequently difficult. We were put on a skid pan and a child seen to run in front of us. Should we swerve we take out a theoretical bus of school kids, a house all before regaining control… Imagine that biker COULD have been someone on a blood dash!

      • Rich

        You keep saying that this guy failed to stop after the collision, but where are you getting this from? From the video I just watched multiple times there is no possible way to tell if this guy kept going after the incident or not.

        Also, in the UK… All cars are required to come to a complete stop before making a right turn? If anything, THIS seems dangerous.

      • Roger

        Hi Rich, no however, on the type of highway known to be a serious danger to life and limb and earning the name of murder way in the UK there is a third turn right (thats across oncoming traffic) lane. You are supposed to indicate and mirror and pull into lane in the center. You then need to come to a halt or at least a rolling halt still indicating and then if the road is clear move off. These roads are so dangerous that there is a move to actually make them illegal through out Europe. Either a roundabout must be installed or a turn left and traffic signals installed crossway. I used to work for the USAF in the UK and the number of personnel that got caught was incredible. There are no rights here, just a catalogue of wrongs. The thing is who is most wrong. The highways agency who walked away again with no charges, the car driver who at the minimum was driving without due care and attention and in a manner dangerous, or the biker, who was only speeding.
        Why I ask again was the highways agency not charged.
        Incidentally, I am taking highways agencies here in France to court for dangerous, and illegal things. Oh the police, they do nothing either, It seems they still never proposed that the highways agency was prosecuted!

  • Dan Austera

    I am terribly sorry for your loss, but the car drive was not at fault. Your son drove insanely recklessly on a public street. He had to pass another vehicle in the same lane. There was even “Slow” painted on the road right before the intersection. So not only was he doing 100 in a 60pmh zone, he was doing 100 in a zone that probably should have been closer to 40. This needs to be a message to other motorcyclists. Dont drive this way, unless it is at a closed track where you can only hurt yourself.

  • Gene (@steelerfann86)

    Kind of typical blaming someone else for your son’s stupidity, don’t get me wrong I’m sorry for your loss but it was only a matter of time before this was going to happen anyway. I really feel sorry for the other driver and still can’t figure out how he’s at fault. You lose your right of way when you speed and at 100 mph the other driver had less than a second to see him.

    • Roger

      You cannot see why the car driver is at fault, the bike had its headlamp on, the car does not signal to cross the bikes path, the car should have stopped at the crossing, I am guessing you are not aware that this is a UK road and traffic drive on the left, therefore the car was crossing the oncoming lane. Hopefuly he was done for death by dangerous driving or at least death by driving with a lack of due care and attention. You NEVER know the reason for a speeding vehicle, supposing he had have had medical stuff!

    • Roger

      You lose your right of way when you speed…and pray where is that in the highway code. So ambulance drivers, fire engine drivers, emergency drug delivery riders the code of the road by GENE (@STEELERFANN86) is that you have to give way to all if speeding. Twit!

  • Jennifer

    A senseless loss but, quite frankly, the young man was at fault. Speed limits are posted for a reason. A motorcycle traveling that fast is like a missile, and it’s likely that car never saw him coming. Our family recently suffered the same kind of loss – a beautiful mother of a 2-year-old was killed (as was the motorcyclist) when she did not see the motorcyclist barreling over a ride in the road at over 10 0 mph in a 55 zone. He hit her so hard it flipped her car 4 times. I am tired of always reading how car drivers need to watch out for motorcyclists – yes they do, but motorcyclists need to obey the law and watch out for car drivers as well.

  • Jennifer

    I am also so sorry for your loss…as avid Harley riders my hubby and I would not even come close to going 100 MPH..I feel the person driving the cart can’t be blamed for your son’s reckless driving…Now that person has to live with this guilt their whole life!!!! Such a sad story all the way around..Prayers for all!!!! :'(

    • Roger

      Can Harley’s do a ton? Sorry but the car driver is to blame, the fact the biker was irresponsible was a factor, however, had he been carrying medical supplies…

      • Jonny

        Was he carrying medical supplies? No. So don’t bring in hypotheticals to this discussion. They were both at fault. Had the driver signaled and looked then no accident. Had the motorcyclist been going proper speed he wouldn’t even have been at that location in the first place and would have greatly increased his reaction time. Car driver is more at fault but don’t discount the unsafe driving of the biker as merely a “factor”.

  • Bonnie Hankins

    I do feel very sorry for your tremendous loss. I also feel your son was at fault. Even if all reflexes in everyone’s bodies were in top shape they couldn’t prevent this accident from happening due to the speed he was pegged at.
    He was driving recklessly putting himself and all others on that road in danger. What I took as your message in this tragedy is NOT blame for the driver of the car but as a WARNING to ALL of us who are on the road no matter if we are in a car,motorcycle,bicycle, or on foot. Please be responsible of your habits, the weather conditions, laws, others around you. In others, drive your machine as if an accident might possibly happen. It only takes a second for tragedy to occur. Please be cautious.

  • Darkness

    She’s not saying her son is blameless. She’s pleading for all motorists, motorcyclists and car drivers to be more cautious. Slow down. Look twice. Think about other road users. The consequences can be much greater than a fender bender and an insurance claim.

  • Just thinking

    So sorry for your Loss and thank you for sharing this with the world. I don’t see how the other driver is at fault here. If your son was going the speed limit none of this would of happened. You can judge a car at 100 mph let a lone a bike. So sorry for everyone no one will ever be the same. Just a note if anyone is in need of speed take it to the tracks.

  • Roger

    Hi, I know the road, its called Norfolk’s murderway, it has killed more people than enough. However, three things and I have and still ride motorcycles after 50 years, (gulp) The guy says “No” yet does nothing. His speedo is still reading the same speed! Yes he was going too fast, he should have slowed down especially when the car came onto the right turn lane with no apparent indication, without stopping or in fact paying scant regard to anything, he had not even stopped when the bike hit the car. The film gives more questions than answers.
    Some years ago I got stopped by a police traffic sergeant near Bury St Edmunds. Anyway I suggested to him that he was rather irresponsible driving as he drove around a road called Carnegi Way and that his BMW got into a “tank slapper” at 120 MPH. I told him that his uniform would not stop him getting killed, its stupidity that kills.
    He was, about 3 years later, then sergeant of traffic came around a bend on a country lane and found a tractor!
    Its NOT speed that kills, its stupidity.

    • mbaker9105

      Some of your comments make no sense. I’ve only been riding 20 years, but there are simple basic physics that prevented him from doing much, so he put himself in a horrible situation.
      1. As you should know, the faster you go on a bike, the tighter the gyro effect, so any attempt to make a fast hard turn would have caused the bike to go out of balance and thrown him into the car or the pavement, and would probably have killed him. The only option to even attempt a turn is leaning, and judging by the video if he leaned left he would have still hit the car or gone into the woods, killing him. If he had leaned right, I’m not sure whether those road markings are raised bumps, and also this would have put him then facing into other traffic to his front if successful. It does appear he attempting a left lean, but as stated, did nothing for him, no way it could have.
      2. Another option, braking, which would have done nothing. It’s been proven, and this is why they have anti-lock brakes, that locking a wheel doesn’t help a whole lot, especially on a bike, and may have thrown him out of control. I’ve only had to lock it up a couple of times, and both times scared the hell out of me.
      3. You failed to notice that he did immediately roll off the throttle, another action, and the first thing to do, which, again, he did. He also seems to have reached for and gently applied the front and I’m assuming the rear brake, without locking them, because again, you can’t lock it up, that’s a definite no no.
      4. Laying the bike down. Again, because of the speed and gyro effect, this was not an option.

      I may have missed something, but basically when you travel at a high rate of speed you’re just along for the ride, the physics have taken over. He basically took away all options to avoid a collision, and also your time to judge threats is reduced greatly reduced. As far as the car driver, he just didn’t see him. with woods surrounding the background, thin profile, he just got lost in the background, and it is nearly impossible to judge a rate of speed of something coming at you. That’s one of the reasons police use radar detectors. You can learn to judge speed when something passes you, but you’ll be slowed down by time you get to the cop, so to properly judge they use detectors to judge your speed way out.

    • sharon

      Roger just a question but if this idiot was speeding down a road where a little kid happen to be chasing a ball into the road and got hit would it have been the kids fault for not observing and not paying attention ? No it would not it would of been the idiots fault for fucking speeding in the frist place and not having enough time to react to say that speed doesnt kill is daft speed kills .. there was a accident near me not involving bikes though it was just cars it was on east lances in manchester look it up .. two people died coz some idiots were speeding and racing each and they hit this car with the couple who died the couple at that time were turning right but guess whos fault it was? Yep thats right the idiots who were speeding .. but maybe it wasent you know maybe it was the couple who died fault for not observing and paying attention to the fact some idiots wanted to race ..

      • Roger

        One can carry on like that, someone said 20MPH max, mmm many bikes with ABS would not be able to stop on a wet road, lets carry it on a bit, every vehicle is a tank with a 50cc engine fitted, that is actually smaller than a lawnmower. Where will it stop. One has to have a happy! medium. Sure the bloke on the bike was irresponsible, I never said he was not, however, should not the dangerous car driver be castigated, sure he should, and the highway authority that has killed many over the years.. should they walk away. They do though, yet to me deliberate dangerous road situations are probably worse than just speeding. Why? OK the highway’s authority have the records, and history and designs yet do nothing. Sorry we had no limits 50 years ago, a person I knew involved in the coming of the 30 limit and the 70 said that limits should go up to 90 in 1970 for safety. Was he wrong. Its back to road planners I am afraid. As I said, sure the guy on the bike was irresponsible, the guy in the car a dangerous liability, however the highway planners? Oh they are murderers, you even said it yourself.
        As for a child. Any adult that would let a child play anywhere near this road is culpable of intentional homicide!

  • abedabun dawn

    It looked like the car pulled out in front of the motorcycle. Which would put the driver of the car at fault.

  • Roger

    Spot on Abedabun. There was nothing he did wrong apart from speed. He could have been on an urgent mission.
    We used to get similar incidents.

  • Fireguy

    Can I get a show of hands to all of you out there that speed? Everyone. The driver of the car pleaded guilty! Obviously he knew he did something wrong or he would have fought it. An accident is an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance, often with lack of intention or necessity. Both were in fault. Both were driving wreck less. This was not published for all you “perfect” drivers to pass judgement. It’s here to make an important statement because face it, none of you are perfect drivers and never will be. Get off your soap box, have some respect for both parties, and f*cking PAY ATTENTION WHEN YOU DRIVE. Jesus people……

    • Roger

      You fireguy are spot on. I am pleased that he pleaded guilty, what of pray. We now live in France and I am in the process of prosecuting the mairies for dangerous things on the roads. Some mayors could go to prison! Any UNINTENTIONAL act is negligence.

  • Matt

    “That motorists slow down and look before they turn into junctions.” So, by motorists you apparently don’t mean motorcyclists. I guess motorcyclists can go 40-50 MPH over the speed limit and other vehicles just need to watch out for them.

  • Mimi

    Roger, comparing a joy ride to an emergency vehicle en route doesn’t make sense. Emergency personnel use extensive measures to ensure safety, and they drive sunstantial vehicles, not motorcycles, when responding to a crisis. They see tragedies all the time, so it makes no sense they would drive carelessly while at higher speeds. They are there to save lives, so they use common sense when on the road, and not act irresponsibly.

  • pete

    sorry for your loss its all down to reaction and at that speed you dont stand a chance ,if the car was more into the turn and a family inside well it would be a different out come thank god it wasn’t the case i am sorry again for your loss

  • William

    Sorry to hear the loss of your son. I have to be honest about how I feel about the the motorbikes that recklessly ride in high speed on any roads. I hate that. If it was me in that car and he hit me I’d be BS at him but I’d rather let the polices do their job on the accident site report. This is NOT safe ON the roads. It’s a shame your son was killed but I appreciate for sharing your video to send out the message to all the motorbikes.

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