Juror: McDonnell verdict was ‘hardest decision of my life’

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RICHMOND, Va. -- One of the jurors in the trial of Bob and Maureen McDonnell is breaking her silence just hours after the couple was found guilty found guilty of a majority of counts in the federal corruption trial.

A juror who does not wish to be identified spoke with CBS 6's Chelsea Rarrick and said that they are relieved the experience is over.

"We knew it was a big responsibility, and we owed it to the McDonnells to go into it as you're innocent until proven guilty," said the juror.

The juror told Rarrick the process was something that they did not take lightly.

"When you actually have a text or an email or some type of evidence that coorelates exactly to the charge...you have no choice but to be found guilty, the truth is the truth," said the juror.

Reporter Chelsea Rarrick asked the juror what it was like seeing Bob and Maureen McDonnell along with their family so visibly upset after the verdict was red.

"Heartwrenching," said the juror. "We were all really upset anyways wishing we didn't have to do it."

The juror said they are glad the process is over but has this final message.

"I think they are good people, but sometimes good people make bad decisions and the law is the law."

The jury, made up of seven men and five women, found Bob McDonnell guilty on 11 of 13 counts and Maureen McDonnell guilty on 9 of 13 counts.

“When public officials commit crimes as part of their official duties, they are violating the public trust,” IRS Criminal Investigation Chief Richard Weber said in a news release. “IRS-CI agents play a critical role in rooting out public corruption of elected officials. The public expects more of their leaders in government and our agents work tirelessly on their behalf to ensure that we are all playing by the same rules.”

McDonnell and his wife face decades in prison when they are sentenced on Jan. 6.

Read another juror's account of "sleepless nights" by clicking here. 


  • Governor Ultrasound Goes To Jail

    So now the IRS chimes in for their share of the pie….filing false tax returns by not reporting income…..Bobby’s troubles are just beginning.

  • Ron Melancon

    The governor had no problem when he got free tickets to the final four. He had no problem driving that fancy sports car. He had no problem wearing a ROLEX. I commend the jury for their excellent work

  • kim

    I think every Gov. has done something wrong and Johnny William’s was just pissed because he got caught and needed to get back at them…Why has he been hiding for 2 year’s there must not be some truth to everything he said…I hope and pray there is no jail time for Bob…Can’t say that about the wife because I think she is to blame for most of it…Just my opinion!!

  • Gail Emerson

    Spelling error in article: Please change red to read in this sentence: “…upset after the verdict was red.” Thanks.

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