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Woman steals $144 worth of eye shadow

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Brandy Allen (PHOTO: Washington County Detention Center)

Brandy Allen (PHOTO: Washington County Detention Center)

FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas — An Arkansas woman was charged with shoplifting and disorderly conduct after she stole $144 worth of eye shadow from an Ulta Beauty Store, police told

A witness told police Brandy Allen, 31, grabbed handfuls of make-up without looking at colors or labels while another woman distracted workers.

When police arrived, Allen took several eye shadows from her purse and ran her fingers across the tops to make each one look used, police said.

While arguing with police and store workers, the report indicated Allen yelled curse words in front of children.

Allen was taken to jail Monday where she paid the $830 bond and was released the same day.


  • Solutionsnotcrybabies

    how is this news? And not just this retarded story, I have noticed the programming on 6 news lately covers quirky little “so what” stories all over the nation. What gives? This is not 24 hour cable news so keep it local and informative please. Thanks

    • Manlishi

      Next time, try a quote to save your credibility. Another failure democrat. “Compared to the other headlines,,,this a**hole may be eligible for a second chance. After incarceration of course.”
      Congratulations, you just won the Darwin Pulitzer Prize with a “bimbo” accolade. And yes, no guns were used.

      • dee

        Absolutely Dee!! How hard can it be to find the only white guy dumb enough to be in Richmond?. seriously, how many are there to chose from? 2 maybe 3? This is a paradox. What are the odds? White trash steals comps, no weapons used, nobody gets shot or stabbed, and a friggin Chrysler runs long enough to use as a getaway. Compared to the other headlines,,,this a**hole may be eligible for a second chance. After incarceration of course.

        September 2, 2014 at 10:03 pm Reply Report comment


  • Karen Weiss

    She needed to have also kidnapped a cosmetician who might have applied the correct makeup to make her look less of trailer trash…oh wait she probably IS trailer trash :)

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