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Family appalled after grandfather makes 10-month-old take Ice Bucket Challenge

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HOUSTON, Tex. -- The viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been popping up across various social media channels for months, but some say a Facebook video showing a grandfather dumping a bucket filled with ice water over himself and his 10-month-old granddaughter goes too far.

"My family was shocked, my friends were shocked,” said Claude Dalcour, the baby's father, told KHOU. "Everybody I know was pretty much shocked and appalled.”

Dalcour said he is going through a nasty divorce with the girl’s mother and things got even nastier when he saw his ex-father-in-law’s Facebook post.

Claude Dalcour

Claude Dalcours' 10-month-old daughter

"You don't do that to an infant,” Dalcour said. “The water splashing into her face, a whole giant bucket of water."

The social media backlash over the man’s actions has been scathing.

"I've seen adults on these challenges who couldn't just stand there. They all ran off cursing & shaking having Known & prepared themselves for this challenge," Cheena Winston posted on the CBS 6 Facebook page. "This innocent, clueless infant didn't know, wasn't prepared, couldn't curse, couldn't run away! Just sit there soaked & shocked. I'm appalled @ his butt as well!#Dummy"

"And the bandwagon rolls on and on and on," Damon Collins posted. "That's the problem with these mindless challenges, Even the mindless take part."

Additionally, one Facebook user from out of state even sent a link to the Texas Department of Children And Families. While the agency would not confirm it's investigating the incident, officials did say they are receiving more abuse cases via social media.

The child's father said he took the video right to police, but despite the father's anger, the grandfather hasn't been charged with any crime.

Claude Dalcour

Claude Dalcour

"It's not his child, it's my child. That's my blood. He's only the granddad and when I felt he did that that's disrespectful," Dalcour said

KHOU reached out to the man via Facebook, but he had not responded by the time this article was posted.


  • Really?????

    did anyone stop to think that this wasn’t actually “ice water”? Perhaps it was lukewarm water or simply a bucket of tap water….no ice. If it was “freezing cold” then yes, I think it is a problem and the dad should be mad. But if it was just plain water with no ice or not cold water then the dad and his friends and family should stop trying to make a case for child custody! Let the grandfather have fun with his grandchild! What’s the difference between this and him playing with the grandchild in a swimming pool……sometimes that water is cool and I haven’t been to any pool where the water wasn’t splashing.

    • Belsma

      Did the baby “accept” the challenge? Does not matter what the temp of the water was. You don’t dump water on a baby like that. Period.

    • Marcus

      Even room temperature or warm water being dumped on an infant is dangerous. This child clearly looks up at the bucket with mouth open (as well as her nose) as it is being dumped onto her face. When this is done to an adult it’s called water-boarding.

  • Carriekickass

    Wow…is that the best that you can honestly do? Even even white folks eat chicken and watermelon…hell, many other cultures do as well. You’re just trolling for an argument. You, Tyke, are effectively dismissed. POOF…BE GONE!!

  • Crystal

    I sure hope the water was not ice water and was not freezing. I have a 16 month old and when she saw mommy pouring water she wanted to play as well like she does in the bathtub. I filled a bucket for her and let the water warm to room temperature before filming and posted a disclaimer that there was no ice in the bucket and that the water was room temperature

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