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Widow claims husband died on flight because of his hairy chest

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LOS ANGELES — A widow claims her husband died of a heart attack on a Southwest Airlines flight and his hairy chest played a role in his death, according to KOAT.

The couple was flying from Los Angeles to Albuquerque when Jack Jordan, 62, suffered a massive heart attack.

Caroline Jordan, the victim’s wife, said a physical therapist and hospice nurse began administering CPR.

Jordan told KABC a defibrillator was on board, but she claimed a flight attendant said her husband’s chest was “too hairy” for the device.

Jordan said they eventually shaved her husband’s chest and used the device, however it was too late.

Razors and scissors are included with the devices to shave hair and cut clothing if necessary.

Southwest Airlines is investigating the incident, according to the report.


  • kathy kinsey

    Sorry-I’ve had over 25 yrs. with EMS-as a cpr instructor. It doesn’t take but a few seconds to shave the areas where the defib pads go. This is taught in all of the CPR classes these days. Flight attendant wasn’t paying attention during class or wasn’t certified to use the defibrillator. He should have been defibrillated BEFORE starting cpr-as cpr builds resistance in the lungs.

  • athynz

    The last 3 CPR classes I took they addressed what to do with someone with hairy chests as part of the testing with the CPR dummies – the AED kits at work include razors for shaving and it takes seconds to shave the areas where the pads adhere to. It’s possible the girl froze – which is understandable in this situation. Tragic situation and my condolences to out to all involved.

    • Meghan

      Well they need to take her off duty immediately and get her and the rest of the crew more training before its too late for the next person who has too much hair for a defibrillator.

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