Female varsity football player pulls double duty during halftime

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DUBUQUE, Iowa -- An Iowa teenager is making history as the first female varsity football player at her school.

A new era kicked off this school year for the Dubuque Senior High Rams when Melissa Olivares stepped up to the kicking tee.

"She's just another one of us,” said teammate Benjamin Kubitz. “We're a big family."

But there are a few things that are different now that she’s joined the team.


"There have been a lot of difficult challenges like locker rooms situations and practice outfits,” Olivares said. “Everything they have here is huge on me, so I just had to order everything."

And unlike many of her male teammates, Olivares won't get a break during halftime since she’s the lead trumpet player for her school’s marching band.

"That's going to be difficult because I am probably be marching in my football jersey outfit, it'll be difficult,” she said.


A jersey that was made to fit her tiny frame. She may be small, but she's mighty and confident.

"I am not doing football because I am a girl and it's something new,” Olivares said. “I am doing it because it's fun."

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