Vigil held at Abner Clay Park in honor of Michael Brown

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RICHMOND, Va.  -   "Hands up don't shoot" was the over all theme of the vigil held Saturday at Abner Clay Park in Richmond's Jackson Ward in honor of Michael Brown.

Brown a college-bound teen was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer. A a friend and witnesses said was unarmed and had his hands in the air.

Brown’s death on August 9 sparked days of sometimes violent protests in the St. Louis suburb and concern over race and police shootings across the country.

The Missouri community was angry and rebelled.

Protesters in the vigil marched from Abner Clay Park to the State Capital's Bell Tower.

Organizers of the rally say its a chance to talk about gun violence here in Virginia.



  • Kevin Kitrick

    I understand having a vigil for this young man who lost his life. I just don’t understand how we are having a rally for “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”? This is a rally going on because of what was said by one of the several witness. Has anyone heard the 3 witness statements of the incident? Not one of them match the others. But they were all right there. We don’t know the facts of this case yet. How can we have rally’s about what’s possibly not the truth. It also states the rally was a chance to talk about gun violence in VA. That also has nothing to do with this march/rally/vigil whatever you want to call it. How about the rally be about ” How To Stop Violence & Crime” Like what happened before this young man lost his life.

  • Jeff Kleb

    I have always knew the anti-gun people were a crafty bunch; but turning a vigil for Mr. Brown into a chance to demonize the Second Amendment takes the cake.

  • sw

    This man robbed a man right before the shooting but yet his cousin says at his funeral he was out spreading the word of God. Wow I had not clue that’s how you did it. The media has crucified this officer with little to no facts on what happened. The witnesses said he was shot in the back to begin with but all the bullets entered the front of his body. I find it strange that so many people have video after the shooting but not one got video of the shooting. People like that who interject themselves into an investigation are always filming everything. But yet nothing till the shooting was over. Could it be someone does have video but it incriminates Mr. Brown? All I know is this is not over. There will be more riots if officer Darren Wilson is not arrested and convicted of murder. If you have an opinion other than theirs you are automatically labeled a racist regardless of the facts. Officer Wilson will never have his life back if it is found that he had a justified reason for shooting this man. Looting and rioting always go hand and hand with the protest to. Not only was that man robbed by Mr Brown his store was then looted the very next night after the video came out. I cannot wrap my head around how entitled they seem to think they are when they were the ones acting a fool. “Steps down off her soap box”

  • Becky

    Waiting for the Presidentially Mandated Joint Task Forces of both the FBI and the DoInjustice
    to turn in and publish their “Investigation into Justice for Brown”. Oh, that’s right. They never
    published their “Investigation into Justice for Trayvon”. That in itself is “revealing”. The
    combined forces never addressed their riotous constituents’ Demands either. Never addressed
    anything. Let the hated local police face up and stand up to their elect’s angry mobs.
    This is yet another nationwide orchestrated, choreographed, staged, Theatrical Arts Presentation
    of another Democratic Political Campaign Agenda…..They all do that really well, and with NO
    Proof, Truth, Evidence, facts, statistics, and records on the 13% presenting the most crime,
    with guns, most prevalent and in the Democratic Strong Holds of Gun Control.

    • Sammy

      Well said! I am finding it hard to believe a Grand Jury is still reviewing evidence?? Really A few witnesses, limited physical evidence, a toxic screen, and now it must be weeks of civil rights speeches??? Letting the public know the facts must not fit the narrative so be the delay!!

  • Becky

    Brought to you by the Democratic Forces for “The “Great Hope” of Change” that made
    ALL things Better: Domestic prosperity, jobs, thriving economy, unity and peace; with ObamaCares; and World-Wide Peace.
    10% of the US population believes race relations have improved under Obama.

  • Manlishi

    These are the kind of “chumps” that support the rights of common household trash as being superior to the rights of the man that drives the garbage truck.

    Seriously, Who would have ever guessed that the civil rights movement would allow itself to sacrifice what little integrity it has left to support the worst humanity has to offer? Wisdom would choose a better icon.

      • Crushing

        Let these people do what they wanna do. Yall krackers committed murder suicide, leave kids in hot cars and shoot up school and college campuses. Again show me where they had evidence that he actual robbed the store because the owner of the store said he didn’t remember Mike Brown coming in the store. Kracker muther phuckers!!!

  • Crushing

    Worry about your own crazy a$$ race KRACKERS!!! Don’t get mad because nobody rally for yall!!! We’re gonna have a rally when yall stop blaming other people for not being able to provide for your families but you murder your whole family because your kracker a$$ can’t take care of them or you leave them in hot cars. Your kracker a$$ get bullied on school so you shoot up EVERYBODY in the phucking school!!! Phucking dumb a$$ krackers.

  • Sammy

    Crushing?!?! You Nasty thing, leave Richmond and catch the greyhound on down to the Ferguson hood where you belong. Pour a little of your 40 oz. out on the ground and say something else completely stupid and board that bus!!! Won’t miss your entitlement ridden a-s at all. Say BYE!!

      • dee

        No ghetto bytch. I’m a homeowner, I have 2 degrees. A bachelor’s from vcu and a master’s in business administration. I have a well paying job. I just decided to cuss your punk a$$ out with your good sense having self. You know nothing about me. I work full time at one of the largest financial institutions in this country, probably making more money than you, driving a better car than you and living in a better house than you bytch. Yea, my tax dollars paying for white people on welfare just like you always hollering about entitled black people. And as for the goes typo, speak on the substance of the comment bytch. You can’t because it’s true!!

      • dee

        And for the record, affirmative action is for racist mfers like you who don’t want to give qualified black people jobs and who hire white people over blacks based on race only. Affirmative action has nothing to do with my qualifications dumb bytch!

    • Crushing

      You kracker muther phucker, carry your bytch a$$ to Jeff Davis and turn tricks like you been doing. I’m gonna say what the phuck I wanna say bytch and who gonna stop me?? Not your bytch a$$ and another thing kracker,I NEVER grew up in the projects but you go back to your trailer park …. Bytch a$$!!!

  • dee

    Wtvr comments is where racist whities in Richmond goes to express themselves because the punks have no other platform.

  • Becky

    So Transparent, that one specific segment of the population is able to garner the Media’s
    undivided attention, at a moment’s notice, for any and all issues, all the time, any time.
    How is that unbiased objectivity?

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