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McDonnell shows range of emotions in court, Closing arguments conclude

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RICHMOND, Va.- Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell refused to even consider a jury of his peers could find him guilty after closing arguments wrapped up Friday.

"I've never felt anything different than faith in my innocence...I'm obviously glad it's over, I just have to wait for the jury to do its work," McDonnell said.

McDonnell showed a range of emotions in court on the 25th day of the trial, starting with obvious concern after the prosecution rested it's case.

CBS 6 Political analyst Dr. Bob Holsworth noted McDonnell's face looked "ashen."

"The prosecutors really, for the first time in their closing statements, connected a lot of dots suggesting Jonnie Williams and Bob McDonnell had a corrupt bargain," Holsworth said.

But after his defense team once again argued McDonnell did nothing wrong, we saw tears fall from the former governor's face.

"I think that was in thankfulness to the manner in which defense attorney Hank Asbill vigorously defended his reputation," Holsworth said.

Now the jury will have a long weekend to think about everything they heard over the last 25 days before beginning deliberations

"I think they come in with some general opinion about whether Bob and Maureen McDonnell were in the right or the wrong, but at the same time they're going to have to apply that general opinion to the specifics of the law on Tuesday," Holsworth said.

A long process sure to be on the mind of the entire McDonnell family - as much as they try to avoid it this Labor Day weekend.

"I wont be watching TV," McDonnell said.


  • Lisa

    Even if McDonnell’s didn’t do anything illegal, their behavior is disgraceful. Getting involved with a ‘nutrition supplement’ company also shows serious lack of judgement. Maybe next they will be getting close to one of those telephone fortune teller / horoscope scams.

  • Robbie

    I’d like to think the tears running down the crooks cheeks were from worrying about some big buck getting between his other cheeks. Again, THE WORST Governor ever regardless of party affiliation.

  • Becky

    Unprecedented!!! How dare the ex Governor to show a range emotions after a year’s long Public
    Media’s Targeted, Attack & Kill. Any and all Opponents have been have been seeded, baited, feed,
    and fertilized into the Media’s elicited frenzy, rage, outrage and hate mongering.
    Control the Media…Control the Minds.
    Ignore the Democratic “Corruption” by all the Democratic Media that REFUSES to “in-depth,
    expose, investigate and rail against that!
    (McAuliffe under two separate Federal Investigations, conveniently and purposefully “Lerner Lost”, Mayor Dwight Jones’ “creative, hidden, protected Scams, Cons, and Corrupt Financing ventures”, Bryon Marshalls’ extortion of public taxes for Hand-Picked Failures and all their hidden over the top Party Benefit Packages. All wrought through Access to office, power, authority with Access to Public Taxes.)

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