Knockout game-style attack lands bicyclist in intensive care

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PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. -- A 51-year-old bicyclist remains in intensive care at VCU Medical Center after he was targeted in what a witness called a "knockout game-style" attack.

The man was riding his bicycle on River Road near the Prince George  County-Hopewell line at about 7:30 Sunday morning when a car came up from behind and slowed down, the bicyclist's friend said.

Area where the Prince George County bike attack took place. (PHOTO: Wayne Covil)

Area where the Prince George County bike attack took place. (PHOTO: Wayne Covil)

The friend, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, said someone in the car reached out and hit the bicyclist in the back with either his hand or an object. The bicyclist had time to yell for help before he veered off the road and collapsed.

The bicyclist had suffered a massive heart attack.

Doctors told the bicyclist's father-in-law the strike to the back put pressure on his heart which caused it to stop beating.

Fortunately for the  bicyclist, a nurse drove by moments after the attack.

"She's checking for a pulse," the friend who witnessed the incident said. "She says 'he has no pulse, let's roll him over.' We roll him over and she starts chest compressions."

Prince George County Police are investigating the assault.

"They evidently had to slow down enough to pull up along side him and hit him," the witness friend said about the seemingly random attack.

The witness friend said the car involved was a dark colored Ford Taurus-type car. The victim was unable to provide a description of the people in the car.

"I would love to see them caught because next time they may kill somebody," the bicyclist's father-in-law said. "If they get away with it once, they'll do it twice."

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Prince George County Crime Solvers at 804-733-2777.


  • todd

    yet if the guy on the bike would have fired off a few rounds and killed the thug it would be national news right?

  • mia

    Cheers and thank God for the nurse!! The perps know who they are – there whoever all y’all are, hope you feel real proud for almost killing another person “just because”. It will eat you forever… own your idiocy and turn yourseves in before the C.A. finds you.

  • Becky

    Seems that there will be a decidedly political factor showdown Precedence set in this case.
    Which political demographic will be most Politically Correct and protected?

  • Becky

    See your point, Nick. But, it IS now new era correctness to pronounce Instantantous Verdicts Before Facts, truth or evidence. Convenient to lawlessness that the Victim was Knocked Out into Cardiac Arrest by a Crime not usually pertetuated by the rest of civil society.

    • Joey B

      Becky you are flat out insane. Otherwise why would you continuously embarrass yourself with comments only another insane person or idiot would think they comprehend? Not being ugly as you said, being honest.

      • Becky

        So says Joey who lives in Fantasy ObamaWorld; sans and refusing any and all transparent FACTS
        of ObamaWorld.
        10% of Americans believe race relations have improved under ObamaCares for the US.

  • Becky

    IF it is Good, Correct, and Perfectly Political for the Democratic Goose, it is Good, Correct, and
    Perfectly Politically for the All Ganders. Right? That is fair, equal, and just “Justice”.

  • Becky

    Honestly, Joey, you are self obsessed into and under the self obsessed party and there is a name for that under established Psychological illnesses. Part of the illness is running, hiding, refusing, excusing and abusing others to divert attention away from Joey and Party. The danger is they
    in mob, don’t know they have it and staunchly refuse to acknowledge it, too. Denial doesn’t work
    when it is obvious, clear, and oh, so Transparent and infectous and runs rampant within Party.

  • Hombre Shasheedo

    Blacks have caused a massive surge in gun purchases and oddly not too many people speak of this. I am next on line to get my gun. Hate guns but hate seeing people who have no respect for themselves and others hurting innocent people. The key here is to allow the justice system to do their job…not idiot Sharpton.

  • Lou

    The nicest words oBAH!ma could ever repeat while golfing: “I’m having a stroke, I’m having a stroke, I’m having a stroke”!

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