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Jury finds Jodi Arias "especially cruel"

MESA, Ariz. — A judge has granted Jodi Arias’ request for access back inside the home where she killed her ex-boyfriend six years ago.

KTVK reports that this is a very sensitive subject for many Mesa residents. Current occupants in that home had no comment Thursday.

The home on East Queensborough was the scene of the 2008 brutal murder of Travis Alexander.

Arias is accused of shooting him in the face, stabbing him multiple times and slitting his throat.

She admitted to killing him in self-defense but was found guilty of first-degree murder. However, jurors couldn’t reach a decision on her sentencing.

A judge recently approved her request to represent herself this time around and granted her request to bring her new investigator back to the home where she killed him — a move some Mesa residents just don’t understand.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Nancy Bowen said. “Why carry this on any further than you need to? There’s people living in that home.”

Other neighbors had mixed emotions. While some feel enough is enough, others said they’re optimistic that it might expedite the process.


  • Phyllis Niper

    I think they are going back to check out the shelves in the closet to see what is going to happend when she stand on them. Enough is enough just put the needle in her and get rid of her A.S.A.P.

  • sweetieipie

    This is ridiculous. The judge is a door mat. Arias has been found guilty. This is supposed to be the penalty phase, not the crime phase. The crime scene has nothing to do with the penalty phase. if I were the owners, I’d refuse entry. How intrusive! The sociopath is just having a ball controlling all these people. For god’s sake, someone say “NO”!. She’s going to appeal no matter what you do.

    • neoteny

      This is supposed to be the penalty phase, not the crime phase. The crime scene has nothing to do with the penalty phase.
      Precisely. She has been found guilty of 1st degree murder; she even found eligible for the death penalty. She supposed to show why she shouldn’t be sentenced to death, not try to re-litigate the circumstances of the murder.

      OTOH it makes sense that her requests are accommodated to the fullest extent possible: if she indeed gets sentenced to death, her appellate lawyers will try to attack that sentence under any and all theories. It is a relatively small price to pay for trying to ensure that she can’t claim procedural unfairness in her appeals.

      • sweetieipie

        The cautious giving in to all her demands are no longer necessary. Period. Stevens constant giving in makes me think she’s going to give her a chance at parole, if it comes to her sentencing this sociopath.

  • Barbara Platt

    Well Remember Ted Bundy represented himself in court , As he questioned witnesses he relived the crime . Just like Jodi arias wanting to go back to the crime scene at Travis Alexanders house.

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