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Don’t fall victim to this “Microsoft” phone scam

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - When Caroline Fox recently received two suspicious phone calls from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, she knew something wasn't right.

"He was telling me that my computer was at risk and that he needed to connect remotely to my computer," said Fox.

Fox said the call sounded very urgent and when she questioned the man on the other end, he started getting upset.

"It was kind of a gut feeling where I was like this is not normal, if someone's job required them to be helping people they shouldn't be getting this agitated," she said.

Fox didn't fall for the scam, but she worries others might not be so lucky.

"Especially older generations that might not know when you let someone log into your computer remotely they can look at everything you have," said Fox.

CBS 6 contacted Microsoft about the scam.

A spokesperson said, "Consumers will never receive a call from Microsoft or our partners asking for a credit card number to charge for computer fixes."

If this happens to you, experts recommend to just hang up the phone, report the call, and tell the Federal Trad Commission or an anti-fraud organization.


  • Victoria

    I’ve been getting the same phone calls from “Microsoft ” The woman or man always get irritated when I ask them how they even got my information and why do they continue to call me. I hope no one falls prey to this scam!

  • Michelle

    I have a cousin that fell for it. He says that he couldn’t pass up ‘free’ help. Now the computer needs to be fixed or replaced and all passwords need to be changed. I have received many calls from ‘Microsoft’ and know that they don’t call you. I always hang up on them but I tell them to remove the number from their list.

  • Jannynet

    This scam has been around for years. I keep telling them “how can that be? I don’t have a computer”. It only stops for a while. Annoying as heck and I feel sorry for those who have fallen for it.

  • Ed Pope

    I let them take control of a VM that I had running. It was a base install. During that time, I traced back to their point of origin which was a proxy server, took that over, and watch the connections to find the next point of origin. All the while he was showing me on my VM that it was infected etc. I finally tracked him down, and used a injection against his TCP/IP stack, took over his machine. I waited till he released that his machine was not in his control, and then told him that I was deleting all files on his machine. He started to yell at me, and I of course started deleting. What he did not know was that I already installed a batch file that was deleting his system files etc off his machine. So when he broke connection… It just kept doing it. I have not heard from them sense (SMILE)

      • rfrstormer

        Thank you so much, they had called me before, and caught me at a time where I was not near my server. Unfortunately, I was unable to stop the overall process. And I know people who have fallen for this trap. Some who thought to play with them for a time, and when the people realized they were being played with they went and deleted files on their machine. Causing havoc for the person that was playing with them,

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