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VIDEO: Rob Cardwell is no fan of ‘bulletproof coffee’

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RICHMOND, Va. -- While coffee is known to help people wake up in the morning, a special type of coffee may also help drinkers avoid getting sick.

The blend is called "bulletproof coffee." Instead of cream and sugar, two tablespoons of unsalted butter and coconut oil are added. Some doctors say the coffee is good, because it is high in healthy fats. They say that increases energy, boosts the immune system and boosts cognitive function.

Not all doctors are convinced, though -- some say the coffee packs 460 calories. That's the equivalent of a fast food cheeseburger. It also has 52 grams of fat, which is the same as eating a dozen eggs.

As you can see, Rob Cardwell was not a fan.


  • Becky

    A TV chef, speaking with a foreign accept, is posed as of Superior Intellect, to common sense,
    and his heart attack inducing recipes are celebrated.

  • Troy

    That’s now how you make Bulletproof Coffee! Watch the video on the Bulletproof Exec website and try it again. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. But at least give it a FAIR shot by making it correctly.
    I look forward to the follow up!

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