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VCU works to cut $21 million and ‘avoid raising tuition’

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Virginia Commonwealth University plans to cut $21 million from the budget, over the next two years.

VCU President Michael Rao said the cuts are in response to Governor Terry McAuliffe’s request for state agencies to scale back in order to fill an $881 million budget gap.

The school said its intention is to be and avoid having to raise tuition for students.


  • Bill

    Maybe Dr Rao can throw his $50,000 bonus that he got on top of his $488,000 salary back into the hat to help defray the costs. Unbeleivable.

    • Unknown

      Don’t forget about his provided transportation, housing, etc, etc, etc. Total compensation is >700K/annual.

  • Mo Fiscal conservatism

    Cut back on the art program. Put it in the business program. The return will be a 100% increase because a very small amount of srt students end up actually doign anything with it. Advertising is about it and that is a VERY small amount.

  • Becky

    Continuously, systematically, symptomatically VCU has raised tuitions, salaries for their uber rich, and
    built, and built, and built.
    Now with ceremonious Propaganda Pitches they claim “they don’t want to raise tuitions”, to continue their long standing, highly Propagandized SOP/MO. BULL.
    The highly esteemed, lauded, and perfectly “Correct” are proving their “education” doesn’t qualify them
    for Executive Level Management skills, abilities, and knowledge to effectively, efficiently and “correctly”
    Manage. Executive are required to Manage their assets, resources, personnel, facilities, and programs and mission purpose….without ceremonious whining for publicity to their own “created” debacles, portraying themselves as “benevolent”, but running amuck..

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