Locally filmed pilot ‘Point of Honor’ announces casting call

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RICHMOND, Va. — The pilot “Point of Honor” announced a casting call for speaking roles.

This television series is a  historical drama about the Civil War that will film in Richmond and Petersburg. It will center around a Virginia family that stands divided on the the brink of the Civil War.  “Point of Honor” will not be available on traditional television. ABC Studios is co-producing the series with Amazon Studios and the series will appear on Amazon Prime.

Lynchburg native and “Secretariat” director Randall Wallace is in charge of the series. “Lost” executive producer Carlton Cuse co-wrote and is also named as an executive producer, along with Barry Jossen. Bob Simon is a producer.

Auditions will be held in person, starting August 26 thru August 30, or via self-tape.

All roles are for local hires, or for what is called “modified local” hires that must reside within 500 miles of Richmond. The casting call is for shoot dates Sept. 9 thru Sept. 26, to be shot in Richmond and throughout Central Virginia.

Callbacks will likely be August 31 thru Sept. 5. Click over to the Arvold Casting website for info on how to submit.

Roles that they are seeking are listed below, from the casting website.


LOCKWOOD – 20s, Caucasian. Male. A rising cadet from West Point who joins the Union Army with his fellow cadet, Robert (CAST). (3 SCENES / 4 LINES). Equestrian skills preferred. [CO-STAR] Possible recurring.

LLOYD SWANN – 45, Caucasian. Male. The proprietor of a rustic tavern and the Mayor of Lynchburg, he is big and menacing. (3 SCENES / 10 LINES). [CO-STAR] Possible recurring.

VIRGIL – 35, African American. Male. A Point of Honor field slave who is known as the Landsman for his skill with agriculture. (5 SCENES / 5 LINES). [CO-STAR] Possible recurring.

ADOLPHUS – 50s – 60s, African American. Male. A nearly deaf Point of Honor slave who reacts to news delivered by John (CAST) and Kate (CAST). (1 SCENE / 3 LINES). [CO-STAR]

HANY – 23, African American. Female. A Point of Honor slave who carries out an order from the white overseer. (1 SCENE / 1 LINE) [CO-STAR]

MR. CRADDOCK – 50s, Caucasian. Male. An aristocratic businessman, Craddock bulls his way into conversations. (2 SCENES / 3 LINES) [CO-STAR] Possible recurring.

BEN HOWLAND – 20s, Caucasian. Male. A young Virginian who is riding with Garland (CAST) when they confront a scouting party of Union soldiers. Equestrian skills preferred. (8 SCENES / 6 LINES) [CO-STAR]

WINTHROP – 20’s – 40’s, Caucasian. Male. Lead Union soldier in a scouting party that confronts a group of Southern supporters. Equestrian skills preferred. (3 SCENES / 6 LINES) [CO-STAR]

CALHOUN – 20s, Caucasian. Male. A West Point cadet from South Carolina who wholeheartedly supports the South’s secession from the United States. (1 SCENE / 3 LINES) [CO-STAR]

CHARLES STOREY – Late teens – Early 20’s, Caucasian. Male. A charming young man who enjoys socializing at a local party. (2 SCENES / 2 LINES) [CO-STAR]

BLANCHARD – 20s, Caucasian. Male. A West Point cadet who saddles his horse with other cadets to ride South and join the Confederate Army. Equestrian skills preferred. (1 SCENE / 1 LINE) [CO-STAR]

KEEGAN – 23, Caucasian. Male. A portly Union soldier who tells his fellow soldiers stories while on a scout. Equestrian skills preferred. (1 SCENE / 1 LINE) [CO-STAR]

FRENCH PAINTER – Any age, Caucasian. Male. A French painter who paints a canvas at a local party. Authentic French accent required. (1 SCENE / 1 LINE) [CO-STAR]

PANICKED YANKEE – 20s, Caucasian. Male. A terrified Union infantrymen who flees from invading Confederate soldiers. (1 SCENE / 1 LINE) [CO-STAR]

UNION SOLDIER – 20s – 30s, Caucasian. Male. A soldier on the front guard who confronts a group of Southern supporters. (1 SCENE / 1 LINE) [CO-STAR]

RIDER – 20s – 30s, Caucasian. Male. A military messenger who must deliver important news on horseback. Equestrian skills preferred. (1 SCENE / 1 LINE) [CO-STAR]


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