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Church Hill family deals with second tragic death of an infant

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Tragedy has struck twice for one Church Hill father.

Family members say he lost a baby just over a year ago and now his four-month-old daughter was found dead last weekend. Friends say emotionally and financially it's taking a toll.

But now some strangers are stepping in to help.

"I never met the girl and I never met the parents,” said Chrystal Richards, who is one of more than a dozen people on Facebook who saw a family struggling to bury a tiny loved one, and decided to interact, and donate money to their funeral expense account.

"She's four months old,” Richards said. “The mother is barely 18. She didn't have money to bury her child. I just did all I could do."


Richmond police say they were called to the Church Hill apartment home off 30th Street early Saturday morning for an baby who had stopped breathing.

The child's family says a family member was babysitting the infant and fell asleep by the little girls side. Now police are investigating whether that family member rolled over on top of the girl and suffocated her. They say that’s their preliminary finding but they're waiting for the Medical Examiner's final cause of death.

"I was on Facebook and saw a picture posted about it,” said Chesterfield middle school student Aaliyah Harris, who donated all of her school shopping money. It totaled $300, all so little Myione Heaven Johnson could rest in peace.

"I have a lot of stuff, more than I need,” said Aaliyah. “I don't need new stuff for school, so I gave it to them."

These Facebook friends say they are paying it forward, hoping it inspires others to reach out and touch this little girl’s family. A Myione “Go Fund Me” page has been set up.

Richards believes the expense of healing hasn't even started for the young mother and father. "She's going to need a lot of counseling because this was her little baby,” said Richards. “And him, being it was the second child he's lost, I think counseling is appropriate for both."

After the medical examiner’s report is complete, police say detectives will meet with the commonwealth’s attorney to discuss whether charges should be filed.

Church Hill


  • paula

    Myione God will bless you with great things. You have a heart that grown people don’t have. You are a angel just like the little baby. I don’t know you and proba ly will never met you but I just want you to know that you will be in my prayers.Myione you will get double from God. I wish there was more young children like you.

  • shana matthews

    Sad tragic situation wish I could be there to comfort the young mother I know the pain she is going thru right now because I myself have been through this only I found mine face down. Wish there were a way I could find her on Facebook so I can let her knowsomeone has been thru itas well i tried seeing doctors and they just wanna feed u medicine if anyone reads this that knows her please tell her find me on Facebook

  • Crystal richards

    I hope she find a way to deal with this tragic accident, because I can’t imagine, and Paula Myione is the little baby, Aaliyah Harris is the girl that donated.

  • Erica

    So sad, RIP little princess. Crystal and Aaliyah you two are heaven sent. That was so nice of the both of you. I do not have a Facebook page but I’ll try to find the go fund me site and do my part. My prayers are with the mother and father.

  • Teshena

    Thanks everyone for your help we all are so Thankful God allowed you to Bless this family sn: Baby Myione look beautiful and in mind she just Sleep good night baby girl we love you

  • Robbie

    So babies daddy lost his 2nd child in less than a year? I’m no rocket scientist but you got to wonder. I’m sorry for the families loss and a beautiful child is gone but something ain’t right. Hope I’m wrong!

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