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WATCH: Bus driver smokes drugs, passes out, wrecks bus into homes

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A Sydney court was shown video that will send a shiver of fear through anyone who uses public transport.

The video shows a bus driver smoking drugs while he was driving, and it shows him passing out and wrecking.

On Wednesday, that same driver admitted being zonked out of his head on morphine and ice (a methamphetamine) when he crashed into a house.

As seen in the video, 57-year- old Shaun Murphy was nearly speared through the chest by steel guttering as he crashed the 12 ton bus into two houses.

Murphy can be seen packing a pipe with synthetic cannabis as he drives; it was caught on security camera only minutes earlier.

With the bag between his legs, he then smoked hit after hit. Seconds later his arms drop to his sides and he falls asleep.

He offered no apology; to the people he was driving around, or to Julie Wren and Rebecca Black, whose homes were almost flattened by Murphy's stupidity.

Their children had to jump to safety.

His former company is now demanding he pay the $18,000 damage to their vehicle.

Because of his drug addiction Murphy has applied to have his case heard through a special court, and that means he could walk away with just a six month suspension of his license.

It's only luck anyone walked away at all.




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