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FLATIRON DISTRICT A Manhattan brunch spot is having at least 99 problems, and most of them seem to have drank too much booze.

A neighbor who lives in Manhattan’s Flatiron district posted a video  of inebriated diners stumbling out of a popular Madison Avenue restaurant Pranna, in the middle of the day. The Flatiron District is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan, named after the Flatiron Building at 23rd Street, Broadway and Fifth Avenue.

The introduction on the YouTube video “Post Pranna Brunch Street Parties″ says that “after the Pranna brunch people spill into the street for 30 minutes to an hour and a half, at times there are over 100 people on 28th street still partying, peeing, dancing, drinking, vomiting and bumping into people.”

As part of “The People’s Brunch,” Pranna offers all-you-can-drink mimosas, bellinis, screwdrivers or sangria for $45.

The bird’s-eye video of people falling on the sidewalk, vomiting, and urinating was uploaded by the same videographer who recorded one young man’s now-infamous claim that “My dad owns half of Manhattan.”

In an apparent response to the video, Pranna posted a message on Twitter, asking their “anonymous neighbors, please contact Pranna management directly to solve any issues or concerns you may have.”

In addition to brunch the restaurant also serves up dance music, and patrons party like it’s Saturday or Sunday night.

“I went here on a Sunday after having Brunch elsewhere for some continued midday fun, and it was absolutely nuts,” one person wrote on Yelp. “In a span of about 20 minutes about 5 fights broke out between two groups of girls.”

In fairness to Pranna, Yelper Lauren W. said a fun time was had by all, despite the brunch brawling.

In the video, people are seen staggering out into the daylight.  One girl fall face first into the curb as her friend tries to hail a cab; the driver takes one look and speeds off with the door still open.

Another young woman dutifully takes off her shoes before vomiting onto the sidewalk, while a man can be seen peeing in the open as another becomes belligerent before wobbling down the sidewalk, weaving from one side to the other.

CBS 6 affiliate PIX11 has reached out to Pranna for comment and is still awaiting a reply.




  • Tessy

    Pranna’s manager rajiv shamar his only concern is to make money! If after serving unlimited alcoholic drinks a person drives a car and causes an accident with fatalities, Pranna and Mr shamar shpuld ne held responsible and liable too! Let them pay for their arrogance! Your last name should be SHAME’!

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