New details released after police shoot woman in Colonial Heights

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COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. — Police released two new details about the shooting of a woman in Colonial Heights. The woman is 43 years old and she is from South Carolina, Virginia State Police spokesman Sgt. Steve Vick confirmed via email Tuesday.

“The investigation into the officer-involved shooting of a 43-year-old female from South Carolina by a Colonial Heights police officer remains ongoing at this time,” Sgt. Vick wrote. “Once state police completes its investigation into the shooting, the findings will be turned over to the Commonwealth’s Attorney for final review and adjudication.”

State Police have not yet released the woman’s name nor her condition. Vick did say the woman remained at VCU Medical Center.

Colonial Heights Police shot the woman following a chase on Sunday morning. An officer tried to pull over the woman’s vehicle for a traffic violation around 11:30 a.m. Instead of stopping, police said the woman drove off and a chase ensued.

It ended about one mile away at the intersection of Yacht Basin Drive and Wildwood Avenue when the woman got out of her vehicle and pulled out a gun, police said.

A Colonial Heights Police officer opened fire.

Witnesses said they heard three or four gunshots.

Colonial Heights Police asked Virginia State Police to handle the investigation into the officer-involved shooting.

"We want an unbiased opinion, an outside agency, to come in and assist,” Colonial Heights Police Sgt. Rob Ruxer said. "Somebody who doesn’t have any interest in our police department to investigate."


  • sw

    Spare me wiseman. You have no clue what Mike Brown did cause it seems all those bystanders who had there phones out after the altercation didn’t think to record the real altercation. That seems a little strange to me. Could it be that the altercation would have incriminated a black man and not a white cop??

  • Solutionsnotcrybabies

    Wiseman they shot until the threat stopped. If it took two rounds or ten rounds so be it. Good job Officers on going home at the end of your tour of duty. Sorry she put you guys in that situation.

  • Ron Melancon

    What is wrong by simply following directions? She was told many times to get down and drop her weapon. Where is the support of our officers. When is it right to simply not respect the rule of law? This attitude of no respect of the law is being put out by our highest level of our government…. Example Lois Learner IRS, The White House not enforcing our immigration laws and even our own Governor with his Gift Taking.

  • Sean

    Obviously we don’t know all the details. But at the end of the day, a routine traffic stop ended in violence. Damage may had been minimized if they just let her go rather than pursuing and engaging in a shootout. Take her plates and send her a summons, done. And no, i dont support our police officers, because they don’t support me. Why should i support the state cop camping out at toll booths handing out tickets for inspections and registration offences? All cops do to me is fine me, slow me down, and jam me up at every turn. We need to take a careful look at what our police officers are supposed to be accomplishing, and if we are still going about it the right way.

    • Pam Cassidy

      Question is……why aren’t you up to date on inspections and registrations? They’re holding you up… are the one that thinks he’s special and doesn’t have to obey the laws meant for everyone. Bet you don’t have auto insurance either and you feel it’s okay to drive with a suspended license and that big old red light or stop sign is just a suggestion. YOU get fines because YOU are doing things wrong! Get a clue dummy.

  • brittany

    this is all sad. the cops did their job. but no body knows why she did what she did. maybe we shouldnt judge others till we know all the fact

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