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ARGYLE, Texas — The Argyle (Texas) School District is on target to continue its new policy of allowing some teachers to carry guns on campus, according to a report on The sign posted on school campuses reads:

“Please be aware that the staff at Argyle ISD are armed and may use whatever force is necessary to protect our students.”

Teacher Guns

In January, the district voted in favor of school marshals. Some Argyle teachers will act as the long arm of the law under the state’s Protection of Texas Children Act.

“I trust that the administrators of this school district will put my kid’s best interest at heart,” parent Lacey Fenoglio said.

Teachers who carry guns must have and maintain a handgun license; pass a psychological evaluation; and undergo firearms and emergency response training.

“I think if a tragedy does occur, lives can be saved by guns being in the right hands, and I think the teachers here might be able to stop something like that and life can be saved,” Fenoglio added.

The Argyle superintendent said continuous firearms training is required, and some training even took place over summer break. The names and number of pistol-packing teachers will not be released for safety reasons.


    • athynz

      Defending the lives of our children is in “poor taste”? Okay what possible objections could you have against it considering that the armed teachers have to have continuous training, have and maintain a handgun license, have psychological testing, and undergo firearm and emergency response training? And please be more specific than “I hate guns” please. Thanks.

  • Sam L

    Seems like common sense. Wish common sense would prevail more often.

    Good work Texas. I’m from MA and just don’t understand why a school would not do this.

  • Tobey

    Well done, Texas. Now let’s see if emotion-based reactionists will step up and notice. Well done, Texas, well done.

  • Heather

    Now that we are properly training teachers to protect one our most valuable assets, perhaps we could start paying them salaries that are on par with the task.

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