This app should make ‘back to school’ easier on parents

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — Parents of students in Chesterfield Public Schools now have a quick and easy way to check what is on the menu at their child’s school cafeteria. Meals are now available via the School Lunch by Nutrislice app. The free app can be downloaded to iPhone and Android devices.

“The app replaces printed menus for middle schools and high schools,” Chesterfield Public Schools Community Relations Officer Leigh Ann McKelway wrote in an email. “Elementary families will receive a printed menu at the beginning of this school year, but it is likely that the School Lunch app will replace printed elementary menus after the 2014-15 school year.”

Parents simply choose the specific school and month they wish to view.

For example, the lunch menu at Enon Elementary School for Tuesday (the first day of school) includes Pizza Dippers with marinara sauce, deli sandwiches, Superman steamed broccoli and Avenger’s salad.
Chesterfield School menus

The app and website also provide parents with nutritional information like calorie count, cholesterol, total carbs, fiber, protein and possible allergens.

This year Chesterfield will introduce “healthier, less-processed foods” on school menus. In March and April the school system held its first-ever school food tasting fairs to allow parents and students decide which dishes would make the menu and which would be left off.

It would appear the superhero-themed food scored high as menu items on the 2014-15 school meal menu include:

Henrico County Schools launched its Nutrislice website last school year. It is also available for iPhone and Android devices.

“The Nutrislice app is a great learning tool that assists students in choosing healthier foods,” Health, Physical and Driver Education Specialist Benita Turner said. ” The app lends itself to opportunities for families to get involved in helping their child choose healthy and well-balanced meals.”