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Witness: Officer yelled ‘Get on the ground’ twice before opening fire

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COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. -- Virginia State Police are investigating after officials say a chase led to an officer-involved shooting in Colonial Heights on Sunday morning.

According to Colonial Heights police, an officer tried to pull over a vehicle for a traffic violation around 11:30 a.m. That's when police said the female driver fled and a chase ensued.

The pursuit ended about a mile away at the intersection of Yacht Basin Drive and Wildwood Avenue when the suspect got out of her vehicle and pulled out a gun. That’s when police said the officer opened fire.

One witness told CBS 6 reporter Jake Burns that he heard the officer yell twice for the suspect to get on the ground. A few seconds later he reported hearing three to four gunshots.

The female suspect was taken to VCU Medical Center with unknown injuries.

Police, who have not yet released the woman's name, have also not said why she pulled out the gun.

Chris Deans, who saw the police cruiser fly down Yacht Basin Drive, said that if all the details he has heard are correct, he thinks the officer did the right thing.

"The officer must have either felt his life was threatened or that it was a justified situation,” Dean said. "This could have escalated into a much worse situation than it was.”

Use of force by police is a major national discussion after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

According to Sgt. Ruxer with Colonial Heights police, state police are taking over to conduct an independent investigation.

"In this case we want an unbiased opinion, an outside agency, to come in and assist," Ruxer said. "Somebody who doesn't have any interest in our police department to investigate."

Stay with and CBS 6 News for updates on this story.



  • Solutionsnotcrybabies

    Wonder if they will have riots and protest in Colonial Heights. ummmmm probably not because most places where people work for a living support their Police. Good job P.D glad no Officer was injured.

    • Solutionsnotcrybabies

      I agree, I was being sarcastic referring to the situation in St Louis. She probably displayed a gun because she wanted to commit suicide by Cop who knows.

  • Working Man

    WHEN AN OFFICER says “Get on the ground!”, or “Freeze!”, he isn’t saying it for the fun of it. He means it. He’s sworn to do a job and likely he’s scared. That bully in Ferguson refused to freeze, this lady refused to get on the ground. I expect no other result than what these dummies got.

    L. Lanberg

      • Sammy

        Your right that bully wasn’t armed when he strong arm ROBBED that store, not armed when he fought for the Officer’s gun in the front seat, wasn’t armed when he FRACTURED the OFFICER’S eye socket. Any guess as to how that tox screen might turn out??? 50 bucks says HIGH AS GAS!!!!! That little chipmunk friend of his is already a proved to have lied. So jump on this one just like Trayvone Martin and again LOSE. In this big country I am sure there is a racist cop somewhere but when you blow the load on these thugs from misinformation you will not expose the real problem only your ignorance.

      • PCBS

        Being unarmed makes a BIG difference. But being unarmed doesn’t mean you are unable to hurt or kill another person. Look at the news media, most violent crimes are not caused by persons with guns.

  • Lawrence Brown

    LEO followed training, No reason for any protests. This Female should be thanking her lucky stars that he (the LEO ) only shot to wound. Score stands BAD GUY(GIRL) 0 LEO 1 Good job LEO

  • smarkelmore

    Hope she’s not black. Al and Jesse are probably angry that they “ain’t gettin paid”, need a new weak story to cry race hatred over and help Obama destroy race relations further.

  • melvin

    Totally different… unarmed and armed. The cops in Missouri could’ve tazed or used a club or even pepper spray. if he felt threatened for SOME reason. .

    • Sammy

      Yeah Melvin, in the middle of the HOOD with my eye socket blown out and no back up a PROVEN THUG 6′ 4″ male charging me for the second time I would reach for the pepper spay?!?!? You IDIOT!!!!

      • Sammy

        Poor Melvin, at the end of this one your above comment will be all you have NOTHING!!! You have been doopted by the HighP just another SUCKER!!!

      • melvin

        Please give mea link to where the eye socket was blown out. Further, if the cop couldn’t handle patrolling the “hood” he shouldve asked for a desk job. I don’t think the employee handbook says of you’re in the hood, use gun only. The news enlightened us that this stop had nothing to do with a robbery, therefore the cop stopped him/harassed him for something unrelated. Therefore, the cop didn’t know about the robbery or his alleged involvement in the robbery so the whole strong arm robbery, he’s a thug scenario is bull.

      • Erica

        Lol, probably was Tammy. His eye socket was Not blown out. He’s white, I didn’t see him having a black eye.

  • Saadai P. Barmoh

    Really people. Why are we so quick to jump to conclusion and made judgement when a live is taken in the name of law enforcement? Why are we so quick to play the race card?

    • kitty

      Because they hate us blacks…. can’t you see by the ignorant comments…when with situations ate different she came out her car with a gun and only gets wounded… the young black Man with no weapon walking gets death…and they say were play the victims…. this hatred towards blacks is so old …all races have issues…..have you all looks at HLN news lately….. 2 white people boyfriend /girlfriend kidnapped 2 Arming girls…..sexual assaulted them bond and gagged and recorded the assault… and trying to use 50 shades of gray as the cope out…….

      • B Addy

        You may be hated because of the way 80% of you act. Spend your time trying to help the black communities numerous issues instead of blaming other people. You know the crime stats.
        You should be ashamed.

  • Kenny Powers

    Why didn’t he fire a warning shot, or use some pepper spray? That does it I am skipping the Food Bank tomorrow and going down to Colonial Whites to riot….

  • John

    The girl will listen I’m sure next time I hope. Cop didn’t seem to have any other choice in this matter it appears. They job is hard and scarey.

  • Gail

    What an idiot this person was. I guess in a day or so we will her all of her friends & family boohooing & crying about how she was treated so badly! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that #1 when a policeman tries to pull you over for something you don’t run! Because if you do you obviously have something to hide! #2 That when you do finally get a brain cell to work & you finally pull over that if you get out of the car with a weapon it can & will be detrimental to your health!!! This person is obviously a great candidate for the natural selection argument!

  • Becky

    Transparent…Media Governing Government is Staging a Political ATTACK on any and all Police from anywhere, at anytime, for any reason.

  • mia

    Just glad NOBODY in the Col. Hghts incident was killed, that it didn’t turn into a barricade situation. Law enforcement is a thankless service, and times are tough for everyone. Take time to consider the lives of others. We all want the same things; peace, respect, and to be able to go home each day.

  • Working Man

    People keep asking: ‘why don’t the cops just use pepper spray’? I’ll answer like this: Try ‘pepper spraying’ someone from 10-15 ft. away & see if it reaches your target. Jesus!! What has happened to common sense? Pepper spray only works up-close.

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