Tex. school creates cheer squad for students with special needs

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TYLER, Tex. — A group of special girls in Texas have joined forces to fulfill their dreams.

KDAF reports that The Inspiring Twisters is made up of a dozen girls with special needs from all over east Texas that have long dreamed of becoming cheerleaders.

It’s something that otherwise probably wouldn’t have happened.

What’s even more inspiring? Some of the loudest cheers aren’t coming from the girls, but from their supporters.

“She really can’t participate in the cheerleading programs, so there’s a lot of things she can’t participate in, but this is going to be amazing for her — and for us — because we can cheer her on,” says Rhonda Ventura, whose daughter just joined the squad.

Consider what many parents spend for the cheerleader experience, raising a cheer queen can set parents back anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 a year, according to the US All-star Federation. But for these lucky girls, parents only pay $15 a month after the community kicked in to raise money and cut costs.

The Inspiring Twisters hope to perform in Dallas soon with other teams. It’s not a competition, but it’s safe to say these girls wouldn’t have an issue winning over a crowd.