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Child injured in tram accident at Maymont Japanese Gardens

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Police and emergency crews were called to Maymont for a tram accident involving a seven-year-old child.

The incident happened in the Japanese Gardens at Maymont around 2 p.m. Saturday, according to Richmond Police.

The child was playing outside and spun around when he hit his head on the tram.

The child was with his parents at the time. He was transported to an area hospital to be checked for non-life threatening injuries.

The tram was closed down for precaution for a short time.

No charges have been filed.


    • Sam

      A tram is like a street car or small train because it has rails. An overhead tram has cars suspended from cables like a ski lift.

  • Courtney

    I was with the child. This is not what happened. The child was on the grass between bears and Japanese gardens. The tram came up 3 feet on the grass while the child was spinning, in the grass safely away from the road. The tram hit him not once but twice in the head. He didn’t even stop. He kept driving so fast that the mom nor my husband could get him to stop. Paramedics at the park saI’d they’ve had multiple complaints against him. People all the way at the bears heard the thump and came to help. Big shout out to the frisbee organization from Southside Nazarene Church for helping us and getting paramedics.

  • Margot Krantz

    Is there a way to post a response by the family? It was reported without consulting the parent or in line with the report filed with the police.

  • Jesse

    Yea. There were no reporters but there were enough people at the area of the incident that all saw and agreed with the story. The kid had a real awesome attitude about the whole thing. He was very calm, cool, and collected. Oh and Sammy, a Tram is like an open seat bus like transport. it is usually a vehicle with two cars or carts that hold nothing but seats for people to get on and ride in a large area like a theme park or a nature park. It’s bigger than a van but smaller than a bus. I told the kid he had a pretty cool story to tell in the future.

  • april

    I have always been scared that the tram or one of the trucks would hit my children. To me they seem like they drive to fast and come up behind you with out warning. In a lot of spots there isn’t even enough room to get myself and my kids over. Hope the little boy is okay.

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