Police arrest 14-year-old after kids bait dogs into killing cat

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Richmond police have arrested a 14-year-old boy and are searching for two other male juvenile suspects after police said they provoked three dogs to kill a family's cat last weekend.

It happened in the 2100 block of Seldon Street around 7 p.m. Sunday.

"That was my favorite cat," Carey Macon told CBS 6 reporter Laura French. " This was my cat that was with me through thick and thin. I nursed this cat from a baby to maturity and it was the biggest the baddest cat in the neighborhood."

"Black Beauty," as Carey Macon called her, was the cat who everyone in his Richmond neighborhood loved. She was also the cat police said was brutally killed by three dogs at the hands of a 14-year-old and two other boys.

"They came by couple of times during that week chasing my cat with their pit bulls they took them off the leash and let them run around the house to get to my cats," said Macon.

Police said they succeeded Sunday and it was all caught on video.

"In that video it showed these dogs attacking a cat, which was provoked by the actions of the juveniles," Richmond Police Lieutenant Jody Blackwell said.

In the graphic video that CBS 6 has viewed, but is not being released to the public, you can hear the kids cheering the dogs on.

"He not letting the cat go. He got the head," one boy is heard yelling in a cell phone video taken by a neighbor.

"They ran in front of my yard with the cat in its mouth. The young boy was hitting on the dog trying to get the cat out of his mouth -- by that time the cat was dead," neighbor Morris Parker said.

"I want the community to know now we have animals who were rewarded for killing a cat, so it does cause a huge great concern towards the community. Because today it was a cat, tomorrow it could be a little girl riding a bike down the street," Blackwell said.

Police said media coverage led to the arrest of the 14-year-old suspect Friday afternoon, who faces a Class 6 felony cruelty to animals charge.

Detectives ask anyone with any information about this crime to please call Lt. Jody Blackwell at 804-646-3387 or Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.


  • Sam

    I’d give a thousand bucks to see them put their pitbulls on you or your kind Clyde. Now that would be entertainment.

    • John

      I use to sic my dog on the cats too. It’s call growing up, and sport never caught them. He like to chase and bite at a car tire and the mailman. The kid went to for and needs help.

      • Joey B

        John…. your childhood action shows that you are a sick basturd too. Please go to hell. If you wish I will help to send you.

      • Belsma

        I understood your first sentence. You lost me after that. Growing up involves animal torture? Who raised you? And your last sentence makes no sense at all…at least to me.

  • of course

    just another day in the hood called Richmond.

    Only this time filmed with a phone brought to you by welfare

  • donnie

    nothing to see here folks.just black thugs involved in a crime.no outrage or rioting,please reserve that for white on black crime.thanks….al and jesse

  • Gail

    The trash like this person is the reason pit bulls are given such a bad name. It’s not the dogs themselves its the trash like this human piece of garbage that’s training them to do disgusting things like this! This “individual” doesn’t deserve to have an animal or a child!

  • shawn

    its ok.I have learned the cat was white and the dog clearly brown so theres no crime here.now if the dog was white and the cat black then we would have a issue

  • Just thinking

    This is sad. People talk about them no having a Dad or on welfare. This is just sick. But you know if you turn on your tv all you see is just show about murder about fighting with others there is no where for them to go that makes them feel loved or wanted. This has got to stop.

  • Robbie

    Another gentle young man that’s never been in trouble. He’s just preparing for Veternararian School. He’s just trying to get out of the neighborhood and make something of himself. If I had a son…I’d buy him some swisher sweets.

  • John

    What happened about the boy that shot a dog in chesterfield a couple of weeks ago? 6 said they would get back later with that story. Rich kid likely from brandermill. Oh wait, he had relatives at the courthouse?

  • angel2

    This is sad and horrific…my condolences to the cat’s family. Give these thugs the maximum penalty, put their dogs in a shelter, and don’t allow them to be able to buy a dog license or gun license…ever. That’s mild punishment, I know.

    • Sam

      I would be most happy to donate money to a website that would fund someone (another juvenile) beat the hell out of each of these POS monsters.

  • Marci LaBrie

    She wants the community to know they have animals that were rewarded for killing a cat…and next it could be a child…I am hopeful she was speaking about the subhuman and his accomplices at the opposite end of the leash and not the dogs at the other.

  • Kenny Powers

    They will get counseling at the most, so they can evolve into real hoodlums later. One may even rob a store and die while attacking a cop. Then he will be a martyr and a role model for his community. His mom will become a celeb and get paid.

  • ellenl

    Who raised these boys to even think of doing this? It’s sick. Heartbreaking. Wrong. How could they do such a thing?

  • ellenl

    Who raised these boys to be such barbarians? It’s sick, wrong, inexplicable. Oh wait. It’ s not their fault. But who is responsible for this? Do tell.

  • mbaker9105

    Certain dogs based on breeding long ago have certain tendencies that can be brought out in them, therefore certain breeds should be tracked more closely and only allowed with people that will properly nurture them. Attacking other animals is a tendency of this breed, and makes it easier to use them as fighting dogs or train to attack humans. And that’s per the ASPCA even http://www.aspca.org/about-us/aspca-policy-and-position-statements/position-statement-pit-bulls
    Pit Bulls are just not bred properly, and everyone and their brother should not be allowed to have one. And don’t tell me you can’t legislate it, look at all the complaints and regulations concerning people having chickens, certain snakes etc. The Government restricts our freedoms already in so many ways (liquor across state lines, CCW permits, on and on). Or is it just not “PC” to allow only properly vetted people own this breed? I personally don’t like them, or trust them, cannot tolerate children being around them. You just don’t know how the animal has been raised. Or how the people who own these animals were raised.

  • krista

    Where is the supervision of these kids. This gross negligence right here is exactly why kids today get into and stay in trouble. What could these kids otherwise been doing? Cutting grass for neighbors, delivering papers, babysitting, rolling people’s trashcans out to the curb like the awesome young man highlighted in the news threads within the past several weeks. Go to the library, read books, read books to younger children or to our senior citizens. Obviously quite a bit to do that doesn’t include torturing and killing animals not to mention criminal trespass onto the property of another. Life is about choices, kids and the parents that are supposed to be supervising them could be engaged in positive pursuits or criminal stupidity.

  • Steel Mill

    Could not agree more with some of the comments. Animals now, humans later.
    He and his family need some treatment, a little 6 month working for free at the SPCA would not be a bad idea.

  • tired of ron

    Ron….nobody in Richmond cares about your trailer crusade any more…you’ve run it into the ground

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