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Goochland schools now investigating after family says son was slapped

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GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - A Goochland family is upset after they said a Goochland County bus driver slapped their eight-year-old son on the leg Monday.

The family did not want to go on camera, but contacted CBS 6 with concerns.

The mother said there was no call home to them about the incident. She said after getting nowhere with calling the bus transportation office and the bus driver, they reported the incident to the principal.

CBS 6 took some of those concerns to school leaders.

"We are conducting a very thorough investigation," said Assistant Superintendent, Peter Gretz. "We absolutely don't tolerate any kind of behavior that physically or otherwise threatens a child."

The family said the school is refusing to take the driver off the route, and that they could move their son to a different route.

"The driver is currently not driving during the investigation, but I can't make comment on personnel matters," said Gretz.


  • Ron Melancon

    Be careful. If you ask to many questions they might ban the family for standing up to the school system. It seems some other county school would simply ban the parents

  • E

    RON MELANCON – just maybe you got banned from Henrico for vandalizing school property and trying to take the law into you own hands. Why not worry about you own legal troubles and stay out of Goochand’s business.

    • Working Man

      Wow – I didn’t know Ron Melancon was a gangsta. Yep, vandalizing school property would get one banned. What say you, Ron?

      • athynz

        Pete your crusade against Ron is too redundant and personal. Are you stalking him too?

        AUGUST 23, 2014 AT 11:33 PM”

        David unlike you I don’t feel the need to change my screen name – This is the only one I use. Why do you change yours more often then most people change socks? Is that so you can stalk people without them being aware of your activities? The problem with that is you do the same exact posts no matter which screen name you use – typical trolling village idiot.

  • paula

    Is she related to you Joe? Have you ever rode her bus? If the answer is no then you don’t know what happen.

  • Terri

    How well do you ever know anyone? She should had never laid her hands on that child!!! I’m sure plenty of kids saw and heard everything on the bus ride.

  • Tina

    Not enough info here!!!The bus should be equip with a camera.There should be witnesses.Let’s give the women a benefit of the doubt first.Not like the angel could have been mistaken or anything.Most know if the driver did such a thing the consequences will be great.If the child was mistaken what are they’re consequences??Looks like to me a law suite on both sides. Hummmmmmm…

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