Petersburg students will be graded differently this year

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PETERSBURG, Va. -- The Petersburg City Public School Board voted unanimously Wednesday night to adopt a 10-point grading scale for the upcoming school year.

The 10-point-grading scale has been a growing trend across Central Virginia, as several districts are making the switch. Henrico, Richmond and Chesterfield Schools are jumping on board. And some parents in Chesterfield are asking the district to consider it.

Under the proposed 10-point-scale, a 90 to 100 would be considered an "A." But as it currently stands in Petersburg, 94 to 100 is an "A."

Petersburg Grading Scale

However, some parents may be worried changing the grading scale would lower expectations. But Petersburg School Leaders have said the new grading system is a way for their students to be more competitive after high school.

"Changing the grading scale to a 10 point scale will make them more competitive," Nicole Bell Van-Patten with Petersburg Schools said. "A 10-point grading scale will align with the college board and it will also align with some of our neighboring school divisions, so this is certainly not about lowering standards, this is about leveling the playing field."

School leaders are hoping parents will look at the option from all angles, including the fact that 33 out of the top 45 high schools across the country use the 10-point grading scale.



  • Robbie

    You could drop it to a 20 point grading system and it ain’t gonna help. Below is the only grading system that will work in Petersburg. A 100-50 B 49-30 C 29-10 D 9-1 F 0. Extra credit will be awarded if the student can spell either their first or last name correct.

  • kyle

    so in other words some cannot learn like others so we will dumb down the whole system to make those who don’t wanna put in the same effort look have to wonder if this rule is aimed at one group and if so isn’t that in itself racist?

  • Becky

    Something must be done Immediately!
    Have to twist, contort, shape, slant, mold, placate, facilitate and cover up the Failures of Petersburg, the Schools, the Teachers, the Superintendents, and the students. Political Correct-Mess, and resultant Failures, It should not be allowed to become so Transparent and crystal clear.
    These are so ruled to be assisted college grads.

  • JunkYardDog

    This is why people making comments on these boards should be ignored…. If Petersburg tries do something positive, the city gets criticized; if Petersburg doesn’t do anything, the city gets criticized. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t I suppose….

      • BO

        Standards have been declining because the education system is broken.teachers are the problem not students.They are lazy and demand too much for money for a job they don’t get done.

    • Becky

      Of, course, you’re right. Petersburg has been trying and trying and trying. Should they get “A”
      for failing, failing, failing? How dare anyone to have the audacity to mention it. It isn’t PC.
      Maybe PC led to this debacle, and keeps it there. Failure doesn’t Pass the Test for students, schools or Governance.

    • manalishi

      ” if Petersburg doesn’t do anything, the city gets criticized”. The city of petersburg gets criticized because the ONLY thing they do is follow the democrat standard that destroyed it in the first place.

  • John

    Many school systems go by the 10 point grading scale. This is not newsworthy. It will neither be a positive or negative on the children.

    • manalishi

      Bulls**t John. Dropping the standards can only be a negative. or a “false” positive. But It’s not as if Petersburg can function on virtues it does not have. Democrats are all the same.

      • Sam

        manalishi, it is obvious you have gone to school beyond HS or travel much. John spoke the pure truth and you are too ignorant to recognize it.

      • manalishi

        So feel free to lower you standards Sam. I find it hillarious that a city comprised mainly of bottom feeders and ankle biters refer to anyone else as “ignorant”. I don’t feed off the bottom or vote democrat. Your mileage may vary.

  • Becky

    By hook or crook, these are established as the assisted College/New Government Program Bound,
    Ref: Today, Governor Terry McAuliffe signed Executive Order #23 establishing “The New Virginia Economy” Workforce Initiative, Aug 13, but he calls it by several different names, under many different programs. The nation needs qualified workers for the jobs that don’t exist., all established
    by…brought to your, and paid by…Mo… Government.

  • Todd Farmer

    I don’t know why people would care in college it is done like that I don’t know why school would not be the same

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