Motorcyclist survives crash into car by vaulting onto it

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MOGILEV, Belarus — A motorcyclist in Belarus pulled off a death-dodging feat that appears to be straight out of a Hollywood movie playbook.

The incredible feat was caught on a dashcam.

The biker crashed into the back of a car, but he somersaulted right over the handlebars and landed on its roof, then clung to the top while the shocked BMW driver came to a stop.

The motorcyclist was going about 50 mph, according to police, when he crashed into the much slower driver BMW as they traveled over the Dnieper River. The BMW driver had just switched lanes.  It happened July 30, but the video from a was only posted to YouTube this week.

“He was incredibly lucky,” local government spokesman Eugene Zilina told local newspaper Nasha Niva.

Just call him a real-life Spider-Man.

RT news reports though that the driver was unlicensed to ride.

The incident allegedly created another situation. A second motorbike hit the car whose dashcam captured the first wreck, because it was slowing to prevent running over wreckage.

Neither biker suffered serious injury, reports RT news. 

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