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Maureen McDonnell called ‘manipulative, deceptive’ by sister-in-law

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RICHMOND, Va. -- There was more testimony and more unfavorable words used to describe the former first lady during the McDonnell's dual corruption case. On the stand Tuesday was Maureen Carney McDonnell, the baby sister of Bob McDonnell.

While testifying, Bob's sister Carney McDonnell said the one-time governor 11.5 years her senior was a mentor, even acting as a surrogate father. Maureen Carney McDonnell went on to say Bob was not only her big brother, but her best friend. Bob was described as being "the most unmaterialistic person" his sister knew. She recalled seeing Bob with duct tape holding his slippers together and having holes in his shoes at times. Carney McDonnell said Bob was the same publicly and privately.

However Carney McDonnell said her sister-in-law, Maureen had "two sides to her." Carney McDonnell said the former first lady could be "sweet and tender," or could switch it up and become "manipulative, unpredictable and deceptive." Bob's sister went on to say the former first lady referred to the executive mansion at one point as "the prison mansion." Carney McDonnell felt this illustrated how Mrs. McDonnell felt about being first lady and living "under a microscope."

Also happening during court, Bob McDonnell's defense team discussed with Carney McDonnell finances, as she along with her brother bought several beach homes. A couple of years after the homes were purchased late fees were tacked on after several payments were late. Additionally a $108 unpaid water bill caused the utility to be cut off. As it stands, it appears personal finances are again center stage in the case where the McDonnell's are accused of taking more than $165,000 in gifts and loans from a former CEO, in exchange for favors.

Additionally in court Judge James Spencer addressed the jury, telling them "I lifted each one of you up in prayer last night. Glad to see you back," This coming after another juror was excused, leaving just one alternate juror for a case slated to last at least another week.

Bob McDonnell is set to testify, however it's unknown when that will happen.

Stay with CBS 6 for more on this developing story.


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