Man brandishing knife shot dead by St. Louis Police

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St. Louis police shot and killed a young African-American man Tuesday after authorities say he brandished a knife.

“The suspect, who right now is described as a 23-year-old African-American, was acting erratically — walking back and forth up and down the street,” St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson told reporters.

“As officers arrived, the suspect turned towards the officers and started to walk towards them clutching his waistband. He then pulled out a knife … and told the officers, ‘Shoot me now. Kill me now,'” the chief said.

Responding officers told the man, repeatedly, to stop and drop his knife, Dotson said. He continued to approach, coming within about four feet of one of the officers, Dotson said, adding that both officers then fired their weapons, striking the suspect.

A police officer was involved in a shooting in St. Louis on Tuesday, and a man was pronounced dead in the incident, authorities said.

A police officer was involved in a shooting in St. Louis on Tuesday, and a man was pronounced dead in the incident, authorities said.

The shooting took place not far from Ferguson, Missouri, where the death of black teenager Michael Brown by a white police officer has touched off violent protests.

Asked about whether he was concerned about whether Tuesday’s shooting could inflame passions further, the St. Louis police chief talked about the importance of officer safety.

“If you’re the family of a police officer and somebody approaches you within three feet with a knife, I think you have the right to defend yourself and protect yourself. So I think it certainly is reasonable that an officer has an expectation to go home at the end of the night,” Dotson said.


  • Chad

    This article makes it sound like police are out to kill “African Americans”, had to bring up Ferguson. The media is fueling the fire more than anyone. They need to stop

  • Kenny Powers

    the media is failing to report the Ferguson cop suffered a crushed orbital bone fracture, or otherwise known as a crushed eye socket. Wonder how Al Sharpton and the rest of those turds are going to explain that? Looks like that innocent teenager wasn’t surrendering to me. Lets see them have a 275 lbs. gorilla pummel them, and then charge them, and see how they handle it.

    • tim

      yea, you got that from one of those red neck news sites thats why! how do you handle it when your 275 lb girlfriend comes at you, slime ball, piece of pig $h*t!

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