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Child vandals hurl rocks through windows in Petersburg

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PETERSBURG, Va. -- Some homeowners in Petersburg are upset and now the mayor is getting involved after reports of children and teenagers hurling rocks into windows.

CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil spoke with a man who said he has been repeatedly targeted this summer.

Watch Wayne’s complete video report in the above video player.


  • manalishi

    All those tax credits (real estate welfare) and your just now starting figure out that your in Petersburg?

  • Gail

    Our welfare dollars at work! I work in this area & it is full of filth thanks to all of the welfare freebies! The “parents” (and I do use that term very loosely) of these kids aren’t acting much better. My employer has had to put a fence around our parking lot & building to keep the trash out of the employees cars!

  • Shelly

    Kids that have no respect for someone else’s property. It starts at home, if you instill in your children to respect they won’t pour out into the streets and commit such crimes. It really is sad but Petersburg is full of these juvenile delinquents that have no positive upbringing and as they get older they will be committing more serious offenses.

  • Solutionsnotcrybabies

    Did you notice how they cut off the microphone when the guy that got hit in the head was about to say what they yelled at him? hmmmmmm. wonder if it was racial. Since the victims are white they wont report it the same but had it been the other way around Eric Holder would get the F.B.I to investigate it.

  • Becky

    Interesting, that, as again; and becoming standard practice, descriptions are withheld to protect
    the guilty, and impede the heretofore normal alerts, safety, and protection of area residents.
    Government(s) and Media’s slanted justice, muse, coverage, and protections.

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