Video shows police chase end in parking lot

Chants of ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ heard through Richmond

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RICHMOND, Va. -- "Hands up, don't shoot; no justice, no peace," they chanted, marching side by side.

Richmonders of all races and ages walked a few miles together, calling for justice in a case that's sparked national outrage.

"We're showing across the country right now- we have to stand up," said the organizer of the march, Jamil Jesey. "If we don't stand up for something- we don't stand up for anything."

Protests, some peaceful and other racially charged, have sparked across the nation after the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown on August 9. Brown was fatally shot by a police officer in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, after a confrontation. Accounts of exactly what happened when Officer Darren Wilson stopped Brown vary widely.

The decision by police to release video surveillance of Brown allegedly robbing a convenience store just moments before the shooting sparked even more protests and looting, with anger days before that the police officer was not named until five days after the death.

Richmond demonstrators say the events leading to the fatal shooting death are part of a much larger problem across America.

"I’m here to protest this police brutality that has been happening all over the country recently," said Ellen Notch.

"I have also been a victim of police brutality, even right here in Richmond going to a peaceful protests so I’ve experienced it first-hand," said Fred Hammill.

Sunday’s rally and march was peaceful as protestors walked past Richmond’s police headquarters, with the assistance of local police.

The event was quite a different scene when compared to the looting and clashing between protesters, and officials in Ferguson,Missouri.

"It could have been handled in a different way, it's a tragedy," Jesey.


  • Clyde McDonald

    These young people are amazing! After the march they can go to Starbucks and order the Triple Grande 140 degree no foam cinnamon dolce latte with caramel on the whip. That should send a message.

  • Johnnie G

    Fantastic that there is a movement to question this whole ordeal. Not only are the deaths of young African American men a too often occurance, but the militarization of our police is a step towards a facist state. Seeing the military dressed police persons facting protestors and armed with multi ´shot scoped rifes made the scene more like Cairo or Pakistan than the USA. The police have a tough job but it is not made easier by arming to the teeth. Spending more time in training or community relations would be a better idea. Not sure what Mr. Brown did, but even if he did steal he was unarmed and did not deserve a street execution. The person that shot him needs to be put on trial.

  • Paula

    In the latest news report it said that the victim was shot 6 times. Twice in the head It also said it was NOT at close range. So that mean that the police LIE when he said the victim was on him trying to get his gun. That no surpise. If they let him off it will, be a bigger riot. Some police shouldn’t be police because they are just angry white men that don’t know how to treat all races.

    • Food for thought

      I am sorry ma’am but none of us really know what happen. The police have an account of the story that is backed up by witness accounts. You also have a completely different eye witness account. If the police officer was in a struggle with the young man and had gotten distance in order to draw his weapon and shoot, which police are trained to do. He is still completely within the scope of the use of force continuum. Just because someone is unarmed does not mean they do not pose a threat to the life of the officer. If the officer did shoot an unarmed young man it is a travesty and he should be prosecuted but ultimately he will answer one day. My problem is the racism that is being directed towards people due to this. Calling police angry white men that don’t know how to treat all races is ridiculous. Yes I am sure there are some racist white cops. But trust and believe there are plenty of racist black cops too. Just as there are racist Asian cops, Hispanic cops. Our country will never succeed and will continue to decline so long as people are always playing the victim card. We are American’s that is the demographic we should belong to. If we keep separating ourselves due to race or religion we make ourselves small, weak and close-minded. People are flawed in every race but for the love of God could people just SHUT UP and quit jumping on every controversial bandwagon that comes by especially when you really do not have any clue what went on. People keep saying you have to stand up now or you will fall for anything. Well stand up for something you have knowledge of. Stand up for something you saw with your own eyes. Stand up for something you are trained on and something you understand. I am so tired of people just complaining about this or that and the news jumping right on board without so much as their own investigation. 9/10 the accounts always come back wrong in the first place. People are ruining other people’s lives off of rumors and never setting the record straight when the rumors come back as false. I am disgusted with the world today

  • manalishi

    Paula, Mr. Brown was not a victim. He went straight to hell where he belonged. So far you have been wrong about every aspect of this sham. So why continue?

  • B Addy

    If these people want to chant about something to help improve society , why don’t they chant about 60 % of crime coming from 14% of the population? 70% out of wedlock birthrate?? horrible graduation rates?? ect.ect.ect. It is amazing the police use as much restraint as they do.

  • kevin

    look up how many unarmed whites were shot by blacks just last year.guess that doesnt matter?when it does somebody other the al sharpton might start caring about this.I mean does it matter that the pregnant mom didnt have her hands up when gunned down by two black thugs for her car?

    • Morning Dew

      I appreciate your questions, however, I don’t know what you are talking about. The death of the young man is horrible. The continued problems in Ferguson reach deep down to a problem that isn’t going to be fixed in a week, or even a month. It certainly isn’t going to be fixed by protests and police presence. I don’t know the answer, but pointing more fingers by saying a white woman was shot by two black thugs does nothing to help the problem that Ferguson is facing right now.

  • Clyde McDonald

    So sad. He was only 18. He didn’t even live long enough to pay alimony, child support, or to be on the receiving end of false allegations of domestic abuse. Some woman out there got ripped off.

  • Gail

    It’s a sad situation that a young person was killed. However, look at his lifestyle. He was a ticking time bomb that was on a quick road to either killing someone else or being killed. He had no problem robbing & pushing around an elderly shop owner (that makes him a real hero doesn’t it!?) yet everyone wants to treat him like he was an innocent little child! He wanted to pretend to be a thug & in the end he ended up getting that he deserved!

  • Jamil Jasey

    I must say this…people will have their opinions but at the end of the day these young people (even though a large portion of the crowd was 30 and up) stood for something instead of sitting back and complaining. They implemented a plan followed through and executed it. At the end of the day they stood for a cause. Different races…different religions…together.. a common problem…a common. The organizer of this event is a poet…a hard worker brought up on the Southside (Blackwell area) during the 80’s…I know him well because I am him…and with all the talk and chatter please tell me what you are doing for your communities? If it’s something positive I would love to work with you (especially Clyde) if not please don’t complain if you’re just sitting at home not doing constructive things to uplift this city and its moral. Thank you for reading now Clyde and I have a latte we have to get together from Starbucks and discuss social injustice over blueberry scones.

    • B Addy

      Supporting a thief , and then the animals that are destroying the town is doing something “constructive”????

    • Burning Bush

      Mr. Jasey, Firstly, I like to thank you for the love, thought and organizational skills put forth in such short notice in organizing this important event for the citizens of Richmond. Secondly, your haters such as the clown ‘Clyde’ exemplifies why “Michael Brown” and all Black men are a target in America because of the amicous agenda held by not all but clowns like Clyde who harbor jealousy because of your color, strength and history as a survivor and not a victim. If you look at time this clown clyde posted his comment at 2:38 am in the morning to 11:49 noon he was still trolling this website spewing his hate should tell you he has no real life. Then to attend the protest or at least be close enough to be in Starbucks listening and watching an event he ridicules tells me just how much he envied the courage you and all of us who participated had and rather than ask you how to be a man taking on the responsility of your community he did what a small coward like him and the rest of the haters do……hide behind the internet and throw ignorance at GIANTS like us.! FYI Im the lady who borrowed the bull horn and hyped up Broad st for us.

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