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Pres. Obama delivers national address about Iraq and Ferguson situations

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  • Robbie

    I sure hope the president is giving us another holiday in remembrance of Michael Brown. That nice young thug needs to have a day set aside so we can mourn the loss of him each year. We could smoke a swisher sweet or two while we enjoy a day off.

  • Ron Melancon

    What is this speech going to do? Nothing. We need troops on the ground in Iraq and our president needs to get out if his Golden palace called the White House and fly to Furguson and get control and do something. A speech is not going to do anything……period . Mr. President your speeches don’t work anymore people don’t believe in you anymore.

      • Jim

        Actually it would be normal for the President whoever he might be to let the legal process work while he pays attention to more impotant things like sealing the border.

  • manalishi

    Sorry to interrupt you lame golf game a**hole. Feel free to back to the vineyard where you can practice being anything else that the leader of the fleeting free world. Democrats are all the same.

  • obama for pres

    I mean wouldn’t it be grand! I mean after all, we already have days for frauds like Columbus and racist pigs like Robert e. Lee and stonewall Jackson.

  • Becky

    Seems The Most Intelligent, lawyer, law maker, Constitution law grad has appointed himself
    Judge, and has already decided his verdict. Again, sent in both his FBI and DoInjustice Strong Arms to “Investigate Justice for Brown”, this time. Their Presidential Mandate never resulted in
    an “Investigational Report on Justice for Trayvon”, publically. The Holder in Contempt of
    Laws, Constitution, Congress, Legislated US Government, and Enforcement will establish
    and run racial governance of agenda, with complicit and compliant Media, and their flock
    of illegal, lawless, ungoverned, Riotous Mob Rule.
    The Impeccable, Omnipotent Obama as the Nobel Peace Prize Winner ushering in
    World Wide and Domestic continuous chaos, turmoil, and conflicts and it so hard to
    tell funded terrorists from funded rioters.

  • Becky

    Maybe he could, should, would jet set right on down there and have a Beer Summit.
    That’s right. He refuses to go see the mess he created at the Border too. Personal Priorities.

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