Pizza delivery man robbed at gunpoint in quiet Chesterfield neighborhood

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RICHMOND, Va- A pizza delivery driver told me looking down at his GPS was a costly mistake.

That moment allowed a man to shout out his company’s name, and put a gun in his face.

Monica Wakefield can't believe what police say happened near the foot of her driveway, off Fordham Road in the curve next to Jacobs Road Elementary School.  "I've lived here 9 years,” she said Monday.  "It‘s very scary.  I have kids and it's right near my house."

Police say the driver was robbed at gunpoint while sitting inside his car at a stop sign in the Jacobs Glen community.

"Kids go to school right behind my house and are always out playing,” Wakefield said.   “I guess anything could happen now, you know."

The Vocelli's Pizza driver tells CBS-6 that he had just made a delivery and got turned around in the neighborhood.  He says he stopped briefly to type the pizza shop’s address into his GPS.

"You wouldn't think someone would get robbed here," said the driver, who wants his identity concealed.

He said he then heard a man call out ‘Vocelli's!’  He described the suspect as white, with a muscular build, about five-foot-nine to six feet tall and tattooed, who approached his delivery car, asking for the pizza order number.  The driver looked down to grab a pen only to then see a gun shoved in his face.

The crime happened around 7 p.m. on Sunday night.  It came on the heels of neighbors claiming several sheds and garages had been broken into last week.

All of that doesn't sit well with Louann Gorley, who says she may start keeping a close eye on neighborhood activity.  "I may have to change the way I do things in the future,” Gorley said.  “I'll just leave it at that."

The driver told me $115.00  was taken.  It was money he was about to pay his car insurance with.

And he was back on the job Monday, saying he can't afford to call in sick. It’s his first job after pancreatic surgery that kept him out of work for more than a year.


  • Blackbeered

    We need to thank Lane Ramsey and Jay Stegmaier, former and current County Administrators, and their supporting cast of past and present members of the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors who, in concert with “growth at any cost” developers, destroyed property values and the quality of life in the County.

    The latest promises surrounding the “pollution-free” papermill smell [pun intended] just as bad as the promises they all made back in 1998-2007. [The bureaucrats got what they wanted … a dozen “million dollar-a-year jobs”.]

    One begins to question whether a full annexation by Richmond wouldn’t be an improvement.

  • Linda

    Someone needs to start a fund to help this man out. I am so sick of people taking from a hard working person and not thinking twice about it. Glad he is okay and able to walk away!

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