Louisa drug dealer claims he was Doobie Brothers guitarist

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LOUISA, Va.  – Millard Chisholm, 66, of Bumpass, was sentenced to five years in prison for drug charges;  two counts of distribution of cocaine, one count of possession with the intent to distribute cocaine, one count of possession of a firearm with cocaine, and one count of possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Chisholm was charged following an investigation by the Louisa County Narcotics Task Force which involved officers arranging undercover purchases of cocaine from Chisholm, according to Louisa Commonwealth’s Attorney Rusty McGuire.

A search of Chisholm’s home led to the discovery of large quantities of marijuana and cocaine, as well as a .22 caliber revolver.

The judge questioned Chisholm about his previous statement that he had been a guitarist for the Doobie Brothers.  Chisholm said that he was a former guitarist for the Doobie Brothers, and he assured the judge he was in the band from 1971-1977.

Chisholm explained that he never got to jam out with Michael McDonald, because he left before McDonald joined the band.

Despite such bold claims to stardom the prosecutor argued the weight of drugs the defendant possessed, the amount of money he had in his house and the presence of a gun justified prison time.

The court agreed and sent Chisholm to prison.

“We hope this case sends the message to not deal drugs unless you want to go to prison,” McGuire said. “We are thankful that the Louisa County Narcotics Task Force brought Chisholm to justice.”

Chisolm received 25 years total on each felonies with all but 5 years suspended.


“Millard Chisholm is not now nor has he ever been a member of The Doobie Brothers or associated with the band in any way,” said Doobie Brother’s manager Bruce Cohn, in a statement to CBS 6. “Besides members Pat Simmons, Tom Johnston and John McFee, there has only been one other The Doobie Brothers guitar player in the group: Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, who ironically is now a U.S. Marshal in Washington, D.C. (about 180 degrees opposite of Mr. Chisholm).”

“Strangely, this is not the first time a criminal has falsely claimed an affiliation with the band,” Cohn added.

While you likely won’t hear from Chisholm for awhile, you can look forward to a November 4 release of Southbound from the Doobie Brothers.

Southbound, a compilation album of new recordings of the band’s classic hits, features guest appearances from Blake Shelton, Chris Young, Zac Brown Band, Sara Evans and Toby Keith, among others.




    • mojorisin73

      Oh yea, one less voter against the prison industrial complex and the big pharma people because they are one of the ones that has been lobbying behind locking up non violent offenders since Nixon’s unconstitutional hypocritical “war on drugs” began. They sure can’t have anyone that votes for freedom.

  • Robbie Watts

    Mel Chisholm played with Shockoe Lane Revue in Richmond from 74-75 and was the warehouse manager for Best Products from then until they fired him.

  • DatGuy

    Just another scumbag drug dealer in the bag… Making Bumpass safer on fraud at a time. Btw, Michael McDonald joined in 76…

  • DatGuy

    Just another scumbag drug dealer in the bag… Making Bumpass safer one fraud at a time. Btw, Michael McDonald joined in 76…

  • John Spirlock

    Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons, Jeff Baxter, John McFee and Bernie Chireavelle (spelling?) were and or are the only Doobie guitar players – ever – just the facts Mam.

  • mauiroy

    Hi y’all, Pat Simmons here (I actually play, and have always played with The Doobie Brothers). This guy never played in the band! (Obviously) All they had to do was google the band and they would have realized this immediately. I’m surprised he was able to commit perjury in open court on top of his other crimes! Oh well, now he has a captive audience…

  • Robbie

    I expect that all the doobies he smoked through the years have clouded his mind a bit. He’s really a very gentle man that’s never been in trouble. He was going to barber college next week but doze white cops got him.

  • david

    Today, NBC12 reported a plea deal for murder for 6 years. And they dropped the gun charges. Shot the victim 7 times. Argument over a dog.
    And this guy basically gets a life sentence for drugs and a 22.

    • Robbie Watts

      Check Mel’s priors–he did time for murder/manslaughter involving an unarmed guy in a bar he owned that he blew away with a gun he had under the counter.

      • renee

        just curius when did that happen.i worked in that bar almost the whole time it was open.tried searching for it and found nothing.not saying it didn’t happen cause nothing this man did does would surprise me.thanks

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