Father turned away from Six Flags for wearing controversal shirt

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A New Jersey father says he was turned away from Six Flags Great Adventure because of the shirt he was wearing.

Marine veteran Mario Alejandro says his shirt is patriotic.  It features an M16 in the colors of the American flag and the words, “Keep calm and return fire.”

Staff at Six Flags told him it was inappropriate.

“When the guy said, ‘You can’t come to this park, people will find this offensive,’ I thought it was a joke,” Alejandro said.

Alejandro, who served two tours in Iraq, says he bought the shirt to support the veterans group reconfoundation.org.

“As soon as I showed him the back of my shirt he said, ‘I don’t care. Get out of here, get out of here,’” Alejandro said.

He says he was told to either buy a new shirt in the gift shop, or leave.

So the father of three angrily left the park, while his family went inside to attend a birthday party.

When asked what the shirt means to him,  Alejandro said: “With all the craziness that’s going on in this world right now, I look at it that if there was something happening here right now I would be the first one to stand up and defend anybody that’s injured, ill or sick.”

A Six Flags spokeswoman says the park has a dress code that it enforces: “We do not permit clothing with vulgar, offensive or violent images or wording.”

Alejandro sees none of that when he looks at his shirt.


  • Gene Rasmussen

    Seems to me there is something in the U.S. Flag Code about flags and apparel. If you ask me the us of the colors on the assault rifle is more treasonous that patriotic. Definitely condones violence Keep calm and return fire… Might be fine on a battlefield.

  • B Addy

    You people need to get out of mommies house more often. Are you serious??????
    You don’t belong in America. Y’all would fit in much better in Russia.

  • Belsma

    He should have read the “dress code” before going. Every public place has rules and if you do not follow then you either change or you don’t get in. It’s that simple. I am proud he served our country but don’t make a stink about rules, he is not above them, nor is anyone else.

  • Robo

    So if he can wear his shirt (which I am for some sort of dress code) than a Big Johnson or similar shirt would be ok?

  • Paula

    I agree with six flag. In this day and time that shirt shouldn’t been wore there. That wasn’t a shirt that his kids should have seen. B Addy we hope you don’t have kids you said that we fit better in russia. You fit better in a mental ward.

    • B Addy

      Laughable Paula. But it’s ok for some thug to walk around with his underwear hanging out with his pants on the ground huh? If you have a problem with that shirt you had better spend the rest of your life inside.

  • Danny Queen

    I posted a comment and got my computer hacked and the comment which was appropriate lost imagine that. At the time less than an hour ago there were 4000. plus comments. I would like to view mine

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