VCU Police says campus crime reduced 40%

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RICHMOND, Va - With the start of a new school year freshman students will begin a new journey at Virginia Commonwealth University.

With questions from A to Z, the most popular question on every student's minds is campus safety.

VCU and Chief John Venuti's top priority is to keep every student safe.

Venuti has reduced the crime on the campus as much as 40%.

"We've increased our patrols," Venuti said. " We've increased the cameras on our buildings."

VCU has installed more safety boxes around campus and has stepped up on email alerts.

The university encourages students to install the phone app called LIVE SAFE. It allows students to alert police.

VCU Campus police responded to 10 campus robberies this past academic school year.

That is an over-all decrease from the year before.





  • Becky

    It is Imperative that the combined forces of VCU/Media/Positively(?)Richmond Correct Propaganda be established
    first and foremost even if there are some apparent contradictions.
    Aug 17: Richmond Police are investigating a burglary near VCU’s Monroe Park Campus, WWBT.
    Apr 2014: Richmond 4th most dangerous city in Virginia, ABC.

  • Sammy

    Yeah Right?!?!?! This is an Obama move for sure. Just change the way you count and get the number you want. This is the same is our border is secure!!

  • Unknown

    Crime still happens there. It’s “reduced” by the way VCU moves charges deemed off campus to the RPD. Also, they tend to make deals prior to court with offenders, why? Because no conviction = no crime according to statistics.

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