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The day that may be the hardest for the McDonnells to defend

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Over the past 15 days, we have heard a lot of evidence by the government regarding various events and gifts former Virginia Governor Bob and First Lady Maureen McDonnell received by millionaire businessman Jonnie Williams.

However one day in particular, February 29, 2012, may ultimately be the most challenging day for the McDonnells to defend.

Around 1:30 p.m. that day, the government alleged Bob McDonnell and Jonnie Williams met in his conference room in the Patrick Henry Building to discuss the terms of a loan. Notes presented into evidence by the government are below.

picture of notes pictures of notes 2

That same afternoon, the government said leaders of Jonnie Williams company met with state officials in an effort to get their product covered on the state's health insurance plan.

Six minutes after the meeting between Jonnie Williams and Bob McDonnell concluded, McDonnell sent adviser Jason Eige an email and asked for the status of the anatabloc studies Williams wanted conducted at Virginia universities.

Later that evening, Jonnie Williams -- along with his invited guests - attended a Health Care Leaders Reception. Secretary of Health Bill Hazel later admitted he did not want Williams there because he never considered Williams a "health leader."

Finally, Williams - along with Mr. and Mrs. McDonnell - have dinner together at La Grotta restaurant in Shockoe Slip - where fine wine was purchased by  Williams.

William's guest Dr. Frank Crantz also attended that dinner. Crantz was allowed to then stay over at the Governor's Mansion for the night before Williams flew him back to Northern Virginia.

February 29  is likely to come up several times when the defense begins calling  witnesses Monday morning. We heard a little bit of their defense Friday during a motion for dismissal hearing (which was ultimately denied).

Atty. Ryan Newman told Judge James Spencer "The supreme court has said mere  access is not corruption."


  • mbaker9105

    Let’s see, meetings, “loans”, special access and using the weight of the elected Office to attempt to move along a product….hmmm….That Jonnie sure sounds like a great guy, maybe he’d let me use his cars, vacation houses, and take me out to dinner to sway me into taking a loan from him.
    Whether we ever learn everything, and they may even get off on a technicality, which now seems to be the defensive switch from marital problems being blamed, doesn’t matter. It’s pretty obvious what was going on. Not the first time, and won’t be the last. They need to leave ole Virginny and go elsewhere. Not sure where though, I think we only accept trash from other states, not export it.

  • Becky

    What did Johnny Williams actually GET from the Governor’s position, power, authority, and “Corruption”?
    Published reports indicate the new Democratic Governor, McAuliffe, Auctioned off Access to rich, Donor, PAC Party members to their State Party Elected Officials. Saw for $50,000 they got direct Access, one-on-one Access, to the Governor, and a free meal with the Governor and his family around the dinner table in the Governor’s Mansion. No published, itemized lists of Donors for Dollars or quid pro quo.
    What make one Governor “Correct” and the other Governor “Corrupt”?
    Maybe Joe St. George, Star Reporter, would investigate that and report. Maybe he would
    “investigate” whatever happened to the “Federal Investigation” of Governor McAuliffe. It seems
    to have been lost, destroyed, or correctly forgotten; never to be year long bombasted by the

  • manalishi

    I’m a bit curious here. We never really hear that Mcdonnell was anything other than a good governor (although i despise the bi-partisan transportation law). So I have a couple questions. How long was Holders Justice dept investigation going on (since it was obviously way longer than we have been told given the evidence)? And EXACTLY how much tax $ has been squandered to find out that Maureen puts out for a dress and some loans, and that Bob may or may not have given nothing for something. I’m figuring that if $44million to get Michael Vic to indictment, Mcdonnell must have been a monumental squander. Guilty or not, the taxpayers lost bigtime over not much of nothing.

  • Becky

    The Feds ceremoniously REFUSE full disclosure, of anything, at anytime, on any issue.
    Refuse to published in their Muse News, their itemized line items, for full public disclosure, of
    their Impeccable Corruption and Government Waste, Fraud and Abuses.

  • Rus

    Looks like a Swing Traders handbook to me.. Let see whose account did the SHARES get transferred to? The Governors and the WIfe… This one you can’t disguise as going into a 3rd party LLC..

  • les

    @ Manalishi; we lost MORE $$$ then this investigating Whitewater and the Clintons.. But the GOP didn’t care..

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