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‘Miracle man’ Grayson Kirby returns home after unexplained recovery

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HANOVER COUNTY, Va. -- For the first time in 10 weeks, Grayson Kirby had dinner with his family at their Hanover home. Kirby was allowed to go home Friday, 10 weeks after he nearly died when he was thrown from a truck.

"We are so at peace and thankful we got him to be home," Grayson's mother Karen Kirby said.

Grayson Kirby 03

When doctors released Grayson from the hospital, doctors at the University of Virginia could not explain how Kirby recovered so quickly from his near fatal injuries.

Kirby and his mother credited the power of prayer.

After the accident, Kirby's family set-up a Facebook page where friends, family and strangers came together to pray for Grayson.

"We have been hearing from people all around the world – Germany, Ireland, Korea, Australia sending their prayers," Karen Kirby said. "Miracles happen every day. His story has helped restore faith."

Grayson Kirby

“It’s been overwhelming," Grayson said about the international attention he has received. "I’ve been very humbled by it. By the time I woke up [from a coma], the Facebook page just blew up."

Karen Kirby said she planned to keep Grayson's Facebook page open so others can use it to pray.

"It’s really been like nothing I could ever imagine. Random strangers doing random acts of kindness. The prayers. The people talking about miracles and God. It’s a good feeling," Grayson said. "The world is still good. Your community is still good."

Kirby's next few weeks will be filled with therapy sessions and follow-up doctor's appointments. His mom said she hoped Grayson would be well enough to help harvest corn, soy beans and wheat on the family farm next month.


  • you know

    Now if we could pray for the folks that aren’t partying and having a good time, being diagnosed with illness and really don’t have money for the incurring medical bills and then we could truly say god is good.

  • Paula

    It amaze me how people and doctor say I don’t know how he or she made it or it a miracles. Why can’t they say it was God that did it. Is it that hard to give God credit?

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