Mother goes on kindness crusade to improve Hillside Court

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RICHMOND, Va. -- She is a woman on a kindness crusade to improve a Richmond neighborhood that sometimes makes headlines for the wrong reasons. As Director of the Hillside Court Partnership, Patrice Shelton wears countless hats.

She feeds children breakfast and lunch six days a week, finds transportation for seniors, jobs for residents and back to school clothes for children in need. She also organizes Hillside’s sports leagues.

Patrice Shelton serves meals in Hillside Court

Patrice Shelton serves meals in Hillside Court

"Everything goes into this community," Shelton said. "I spend more time in the community than with my own family."

Shelton said her goal is to lift her entire community. While she has two children of her own, the 41-year-old mother said she considered each and every person in Hillside part of her family.

"Any time they have questions or concerns or whatever they can call me," Shelton said.

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Click here to nominate a hero.

Hillside resident Nikki Johnson was so inspired by Patrice’s leadership, she joined the Resident’s Council at Hillside.

"She has a total positive impact on this community," Johnson said. "The kids really look up to her."

For Shelton, her volunteer work is a true labor of love.

"I guess that is why I can do it every day because it doesn’t sound like a job," she said. "Most people say that if you do something you love it does not feel like a job."

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  • John

    Excellent story. This woman puts other’s needs above her own. I am so glad that she was able to get an appreciation story done about her. It appears she does a lot of things that she doesn’t get a Thank You. Hopefully, other people will be inspired to follow in her footsteps.

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