VCU suspends Rams basketball star Briante Weber for stealing an iPhone

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Briante Weber

Briante Weber

RICHMOND, Va. — VCU Rams senior guard Briante Weber has been suspended after he violated team rules, the university announced in a statement Friday.

Weber, a Chesapeake native, was charged with misdemeanor petit larceny for taking someone’s iPhone 5, valued at $200. The incident happened at the Cary Street Gym located at 101 South Linden St., according to online court records and an incident report filed by VCU Police. The incident took place July 24.

“Briante has failed to live up to the standards we’ve set for our program and we are holding him accountable,” VCU men’s basketball coach Shaka Smart said in a statement. “Part of his discipline includes missed competition. We expect that Briante will act according to the standards of our program moving forward.”

VCU opens the 2014-15 basketball season on November 14 versus the University of Tennessee. Weber will be suspended for that game as well as the team’s exhibition game and closed scrimmage, the university announced.

“Weber also will be subject to the university’s Code of Student Conduct process,” the university added.

Weber’s Friday arraignment was continued, according to online court records. He is due back in court September 25.

On the basketball court, Weber is known as one of the best defensive players in the country. He enters the 2014-15 season as the two-time A-10 Defensive Player of the Year.

Weber lead the nation in steals last season, at 3.6 steals per game. He holds the A-10 single season and VCU career steals records.


  • seeit

    Strict Standards failed, with suspension and welcome back. Non-disclosure is strictly enforced.

    • Sam

      Becky, Becky, Becky. At least learn how to write a coherent sentence. You may have great things to say if anyone can understand you.

  • caribbean

    As a longtime VCU fan and season ticket holder (35 years) I feel like I just want to slap him. What on earth was he thinking? Ranked # 5 as a rising senior in the NCAA Men’s BB ranking, everything in the world going for him, and he goes and does something STUPID like this. I am disappointed. REALLY???? It just makes me sick. An I-phone??? REALLY??? Use your BRAIN Weber.

  • Kenny Powers

    Must be more than an Iphone…no way VCU or any college kicks off a star player over an Iphone. If VCU wants to run with the big dogs, then they need overlook their athlete’s mistakes. This will cost them millions and maybe a trip to the NCAA tournament. Well, he can always transfer to FSU or UNC.

    • mbaker9105

      You miss the entire point of a College Sports program….it’s supposed to be there to allow another way for people who might not have the smarts or finances to get into a good school, not about “running with the big dogs” and generating revenue. The dumb ones don’t see this as an opportunity, the smarter ones do and try to get a good education. How many of these players around the country actually “make it” to the bigs? A very low percentage I bet. I’m sorry you think these young manboys are there to generate revenue and give you something to cheer for. That’s a big part of the problem. They should be held to the same standards and laws as all the other students. The real legacy of VCU is the 99.9% of the other “boring” students, many in the medical field, who go on in life putting their hard earned education to use in their fields to better society. These manboys are a blip on the radar.

      • Kenny Powers

        Ok, the most successful VCU grads I know work at Enterprise car rentals. The rest are 30 years old living with their parents delivering subs or pizzas. Who are you kidding ? It is VCU, not William and Mary or UVa. The only thing that school has going for it over the rest of the state schools is the basketball team. The one’s in the “medical field” from VCU you speak of are ultra sound and x-ray techs. VCU is a four year community college, period. Wake up!

      • Meghan

        Kenny…I used to think the same thing about VCU. That’s why I stayed away from that school. I went to UVA instead. Their admission isn’t very competitive because almost all of the students from my senior class that didn’t make good grades went there. People who have top grades only go there because it saves them money and they want to live at home. However, the grad programs are the best in the nation. I’m currently in the pharmacy school here. The Dental, Medical, Engineering, Nursing, and Ph.D schools are very competitive.

      • Opal

        Kenny Powers, you are quite misinformed about the success of VCU graudates. VCU has quite a few nationally ranked programs that are very competitive, maybe you should do a little research before you start spouting nonsense. I have two degrees from VCU, and despite what you believe I do not work at Enterprise, I am employed in my chosen field of study and have been for over 17 years, I don’t live with my parents because I own my own home, and I have never been a pizza delivery driver. Oh and by the way, I can go just about anywhere and get a job based on my VCU degree alone, but I choose to stay in Richmond and work at VCU because of the never ending educational oppurtunites that are available for me.

      • mbaker9105

        I think Meghan and Opal put it better than I ever could. It’s pretty obvious Kenny has some long standing issues with any type of higher education of any type, even insulting the Virginia Community College system, which is a great way for many people to get just the education they want, maybe just an Associates Degree, and a good stepping stone to those who need to beef up to transfer to a 4 year college. Even some, if not all, of the “official” Military service run Academies (I know the Army does) have “prep schools” that select certain promising young people out of the active military enlisted ranks to offer them an opportunity to Attend West Point. Again, I’m sorry you just seem to see these schools as something that’s there for your sports entertainment. This kid made a bad choice, and it’s an opportunity for him to learn there are repercussions for actions, and realize what an opportunity he has (not to shoot hoops, but to get a great education by putting some effort into that). I didn’t treat the athletes fairly in my earlier post, and didn’t intend to lump them all together. But the ones that make dumb mistakes had best learn now, while they have a chance, then giving them a pass. I don’t think you’ll see a lot of VCU alumni or student anger over these actions. Again, sports is a blip on the radar of the schools legacy.

      • GOW

        Kenny: Here is a partial list of VCU alumni who disprove your point.
        Danny Ludeman – President and CEO, Wells Fargo Advisors[22]
        Nancy C. Everett – Managing Director & Head of U.S. Fiduciary Management Solutions, BlackRock[23]
        John C. Neal – CEO, Union Bank and Trust Company
        Baxter F. Phillips, Jr. – President & CEO, Massey Energy [1]
        Dick Robertson – President of Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution.[24]
        Robert E. Rigsby – Former President and COO, Dominion Resources[25]
        Watkins Abbitt, Jr., member of the Virginia House of Delegates[26]
        Rob Wittman – Republican member of the United States House of Representatives representing Virginia’s 1st congressional district[27]
        Ron Tillett – Former Treasurer of Virginia, Secretary of Finance for Virginia.
        James A. Williams – Commissioner of Federal Acquisition Services (FAS). Former Acting Commissioner of General Services Administration[28]
        Robert Zahradnick – Korean War and Vietnam War hero. He survived both a helicopter crash and an airplane crash during combat. He was the lone survivor each time. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.
        Wiley Miller – American cartoonist and author of the comic strip Non Sequitur.
        Tom Robbins – American author, best known for his novel Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1976).
        David Baldacci – American author, best known for his novel Absolute Power (1996).
        Stephen Furst – American Actor and Director, best known as “Flounder” in the National Lampoon classic Animal House (1978) as well as TV series St. Elsewhere and Babylon 5.
        Robert Lanham – American author, best known for his book The Hipster Handbook (2003).
        Boris Kodjoe – Austrian-born model (Ford Modeling), actor (Soul Food: The Series, Madea’s Family Reunion)
        Debbie Matenopoulos – American TV host, best known for co-hosting ABC’s The View, The Daily 10, and TV Guide Channel’s The Screening Room.
        Robb Spewak – Producer and radio personality for The Don and Mike Show and The Mike O’Meara Show.
        Zachary Knighton – Actor, starred most recently in the ABC series Happy Endings.
        Patrick Genova – TV reality personality, starred in his own bounty hunting reality TV program.
        Christopher Poole aka moot – founder of 4chan[1]
        Caressa Cameron – 2010 Miss America.
        Terrell Brown – CBS News Correspondent
        Kevin Powers – novelist and poet, best known for The Yellow Birds (2013), a finalist for the National Book Award.[2]

  • Tar Zan

    I agree, inexcusable behavior, and he should be suspended. I also feel that he should be getting paid for being a college basketball player. If that was the case, this incident probably would have never happened.

  • Johnnie G

    What a a VCU grad and a Rams BBall fan, my heart sank when I read this. On one side yea he should have more than a 1 game suspension. Then if he is charged in public court and faces disciplinary actions from VCU aside from the suspension than that seems appropriate to me. I dislike this because it feeds into the stereotype of an African American sports star in college. However, perhaps he is immature and made a bad decision in a short period of time. As a white male I also made some dumb decisions when I was his age or I can relate. Does not make it right or justify it…

  • Russell

    Thanks Shaka for getting these boys/men under control… Georgetown Hoyas Coch John Thompson Sr also had to clamp down on some of his kids who were out of control at times too. Weber, although a Senior in school may not be a senior mentally; this proves it. How can you be so dumb to disrespect yourself and not think it will have a reflection on your self, your program YOUR CHARACTER and the path you chose for YOUR LIFE. You need to take a cold shower young man and whomever your running with that condones that type of activity.. You in your formative years..but you had better wake up PDQ..

  • Darrell

    I have now lost all respect for Shaka Smart with this joke of a suspension. One game! Are you kidding me? This does not teach a lesson to any young man. I remember a young man named Olden Polynice who led Virginia to the final four and then stole a set of headphones worth 17 bucks at a Roses store.Terry Holland told him that he had to sit out an entire year because he violated the trust of his team and his school. This just tells me that Shaka Smart cares more about winning than he does character.

  • John

    This guy made a bad decision. We all have made bad decisions! It’s his first offense that we know of, and it should be a gigantic learning experience for him. He got caught, he is getting punished, and life will go on.

  • Lisa

    A warrant? He hasn’t even been to court. Charged doesn’t equate guilty. If he’s found innocent…then what?

  • Kenny powers is retarded

    First of all Kenny, please do some research! I have graduated with an engineering degree and was competing with students from yale, brown, and had a starting salary higher then them etc maybe the people you speak of didn’t do anything in college and choose shitty majors. I have friends that left that school and started making over 60k

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