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Woman in critical condition; ‘poisoned’ by restaurant’s sweet tea

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — A woman was hospitalized after she was poisoned from sweet tea she drank at a Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Utah, according to a report on

The cup the woman drank out of not only contained sweet tea, but also a mix of chemicals used to clean fryers at the restaurant, police said. Seconds after she drank from the cup, her throat and mouth started to burn.

“I don’t know how much was put into this drink. But from what I understand, it was a highly toxic substance, and the amount in there caused some severe burns to her mouth and her throat,” South Jordan Police Officer Sam Winkler said.

The cleaning chemicals contained 67-percent sodium hydroxide


“Our thoughts and prayers go out to our guest and her family,” the franchise owner said in a statement. “Safety is something we take very seriously when it comes to our valued guests, as well as our own team members.”

The Salt Lake County Health Department determined there was no existing risk to the public after it investigated the restaurant following the incident.


  • Brenda Tunnell

    Come on Health Dept. It is more to the story than what you are saying ! It seems to me it is a restarant that should have posted on the door to ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK ! BE AWARE OF GLASSES WASHED IN CHEMICALS BUT HEALTH DEPT SAYS NO RISK TO YOU! Tell that to the lady that is in critical condition from drinking out of the restaurants glass!

  • athynz

    She probably did it herself so that she could be the center of attention. Women tend to be attention-pigs.”

    And what would an article be on CBS without Timmay’s war on women? Oh yeah it would be a pleasant read and a refreshing change of pace from irrational hate. Timmay is simply a woman-hating attention-pig. But amuse me Timmay, tell me why someone would intentionally swallow a solution intended to clean a fryer for attention?

      • athynz

        You first Timmay. You never did answer the question of why someone would intentionally swallow such a substance. IOW you are like that David/Troll dude and can’t back up his words. No wonder your wife left you – all talk, no action. Get over it boy.

      • David

        athynz … Timmy did answer the question you posed. See the very first sentence in parenthesis of your attempted response. Yes, Timmy may have some emotional issues, but unlike you he is not as stupid as dirt. Stupid like you is ususally more harmful to society at large than someone with emotional problems. School yourself before throwing monkey poo at others.


    Athynz, you said it !!!!!You are so right. What is wrong with Tiny Tim????? I see why his wife left him and the so did the kids. Timmy you are coo coo as he**. Thank you Anthynz and John for being true gentleman. When Timmy comes with his BS Athynz you always defend the women. Thank the both of you

      • athynz

        They way I hear it Timmay you are simply too fat and ugly to be considered for something like “People of WalMart”… that’s the word on the street anyhow. Yet another reason why your wife left you.

      • David

        athynz … very rich, you calling someone fat and ugly. You are the quintessential hypocrite. You talk about this man’s wife and someone may tell the truth about yours.

  • See

    Apparently a wire service feed from Utah inserting a local by-line. Is that now consider correct
    journalistic manipulations?

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