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Don’t get busted by the VCU ‘party bus’

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RICHMOND, Va. — The VCU Police Department hopes its new party van helps keep neighborhoods surrounding the downtown Richmond campus quiet. Police said they planned to park the new “noise suppression unit” outside homes to deter “noisy parties.”

Equipment in the van measures decibel levels and records video that could be used in court against those who violate Richmond’s noise ordinance and VCU’s Code of Conduct.

VCU Police noise suppression vehicle (PHOTO: VCU Police)

VCU Police noise suppression vehicle (PHOTO: VCU Police)

“A primary focus for VCU is the quality of life for those living nearby,” VCU Police Chief John Venuti said in a statement.”This vehicle allows the university to be even more responsive and proactive about handling and suppressing excessive noise in surrounding neighborhoods.”

Last school year VCU Police responded to 186 homes for loud party complaints. VCU Police said they would use the van to target those who ignore noise warnings.

“We use a scaled approach to address noise issues; the van will be used in what we consider to be the most extreme cases of noise violations,” Venuti said in a statement. “When we have ongoing reports of problems at specific houses or apartments, students and neighbors can expect to see the vehicle deployed nearby.”


  • b3nz0z

    will this be applied to loud noises coming from churches? what about construction noise? or is this another attempt to regulate the “complexion” of noise?

  • RVA Resident

    How about “street sweeping” (that do hardly anything other than work as a reason to tow peoples cars and collect more money) at 7 am and trash collection at 7 am that wake people up trying to sleep? Or construction by homes that start early in the morning? I’m sure that’s what college students paying tons of tuition money want is their weekend parties after a week of school to be stamped out even more than they already are. Partying and college? Those two things certainly don’t go hand in hand.

  • Jeremy

    These aren’t just looking out for parties. My rental in Randolph got these complaints cause my neighbor has a beef against drums. They shouldn’t simply go off decibel level.

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