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School worker killed in horrific crash; children ejected from car

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Floyd Robinson, Jr., his wife and daughter (PHOTO: Robinson family photo)

Floyd Robinson, Jr., his wife and daughter (PHOTO: Robinson family photo)

BOWLING GREEN, Va. —  Floyd Robinson, Jr., 41, was a proud father who adored his four children, his mother Gwendolyn Robinson said. Robinson Jr. was killed Tuesday afternoon in a multi-vehicle crash on Route 1 in Ashland.

“I just want to share that I really loved him and I’m going to miss him, but with faith I think I will be okay,” Gwendolyn Robinson said.

Robinson's two children, six-year-old Tiara Robinson and 11-year-old Tashawn remain hospitalized after they were thrown from their father's 2004 Honda Civic. Neither Robinson, nor his children, were wearing a seat belt, investigator said.

Family members said while Tiara remained sedated at the hospital Wednesday afternoon, her older brother was awake and asking for his father.

"He really loved his kids. He would want them to go on and excel in life and do their best to make something out of their lives," Robinson's sister Stacy Dabney said. "I will tell them even though he's not here he is still here looking down on them."

Tiara and Tashawn Robinson (left),  Floyd Robinson Jr.

Tiara and Tashawn Robinson (left), Floyd Robinson Jr.

Robinson Jr. lived with his wife and children in Bowling Green where he worked for Caroline County Schools as a janitor at Bowling Green Elementary School.

Family members said he was the family jokester and had an outgoing personality.

Robinson Jr. was headed to Sheehy Ford in Ashland to see a friend Tuesday when tragedy struck. He was stopped in the left southbound lane of Rt. 1 and about to turn into Sheehy when a 1998 Ford van hit his car from behind, investigators said.

Ashland wreck

"This caused Robinson’s vehicle to spin into the northbound lane at which time all occupants, who were not wearing seatbelts, were ejected from the vehicle onto the northbound side of the roadway,” Hanover County Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Chris Whitley said. "In an effort to avoid the crash, a third vehicle (a 2013 Ford Fusion) traveling northbound on Rt. 1 swerved and struck Robinson’s vehicle,” Whitley said. “This caused a fourth vehicle (a 2007 GMC SUV) to swerve to avoid hitting the 2013 Ford Fusion, which then struck Robinson who was lying in the roadway."

Charges in the crash are pending, Whitley said.

Funeral arrangements for Floyd Robinson, Jr. have not yet been finalized.

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    Timmy Mcfadden wht the H@## are u takling. Why would she need Alimony ? Your commet does fix wht has happen . Nxt tme read b4 voicing your opinion

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    CBS6, can you get footage of the new Bowling Green Elementary instead of that one next time you need to mention the school? They combined Bowling Green Primary and Elementary into a PreK-5 school down where the former Bowling Green Primary is. That building the footage is of is being used for a School Board building.

  • Bill

    Children have lost their father, a wife has lost her husband, the world has lost a fun loving, hard working role model in the black community, friends have lost a dear friend, and a fine example of a human being in a most horrific way and all people can say is “shoulda worn a seatbelt”.. Have a little compassion and try some tenderness. You think that the family doesn’t know this already. Would you like someone to say this to you if you were in their position ?
    Try putting some warmth in those Icy blood veins of yours people

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    Really hard to understand why folks do not use seat belts…there was a campaign for this in the 60s maybe they need to re-run it.

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