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Ruling allows same-sex marriages in Va. starting August 20; another delay likely

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Same-sex couples in Virginia will be allowed to get married starting August 20 after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit denied a request to delay implementation of an earlier ruling that struck down Virginia law that  denied marriage to same-sex couple, Michael Kelly, spokesman for Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, confirmed.

The split-decision ruling (one for, two against the stay) would also mean the marriages of same-sex couples who got married in other states would be recognized in Virginia.

The U.S. Supreme Court could still intervene in this case, thus delaying the day when which same-sex couple can get married.

"Because the 4th Circuit's order does not take effect until at least August 20, clerks cannot yet issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples," Attorney General Mark Herring (D - Virginia) said in a statement. "It's also possible that the Supreme Court could issue its own stay, as it has done in similar cases, especially since the Prince William County Clerk is requesting a stay."

ACLU of Virginia executive director Claire Guthrie Gastañaga said she hoped the Supreme Court would leave the ruling in place.

"Our clients have already waited far too long to exercise their constitutional right to marry, or to have their marriages from other states recognized," she said.

The Family Foundation, an organization opposed to same-sex marriage, expressed disappointment over the court's decision.

"It’s shocking that the Fourth Circuit has introduced chaos to Virginia where other appellate courts have recognized that the final decision will likely be made by the Supreme Court,” Victoria Cobb, President of The Family Foundation of Virginia, said in a statement. "This decision suggests an arrogance by these judges that is simply appalling."

She added she looked forward to the Supreme Court's review of the decision.

With a potential Supreme Court decision ruling, Equality Virginia executive director James Parrish remained hopeful.

"There is no doubt that Virginia is ready for the freedom to marry,” Parrish said in a statement. "We are thrilled that the 4th Circuit denied the request for a stay and hope that we will see wedding celebrations in Virginia as early as next week."

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  • cierra

    U.S> court please intervene—but the way this country is going they wont because every state seems to be slowly but surely allowing this garbage.

    • Telle

      Congratulations. My fiancé and I get married in DC next week. I am happy it will be legal here also best feeling in the world right now

  • kimberly

    Why do they want to get married when marriage is an institution set forth by God who blatantly says this lifestyle is a sin? Also, what minister who is supposed to spread the gospel marries these people? Huge contradiction.

      • Sheena

        Maybe you need to know the difference between a marriage and a civil “union”… I personally could care less what people do with their lives, what I don’t appreciate is the mockery of a “marriage” which is a covenant between a man, woman and God.

      • CQ

        A male and female who get a marriage license from the state and have the ceremony performed by a justice of the peace are legally married. There is no church involved in this marriage. That’s what we are talking about here.

      • Ricky

        It’s amazing how misinformed people are on this subject. Unfortunately most of these people voted for the amendment in the first place.

      • Telle

        The Bible since you want to quote those without sin throw the first stone…bet you can’t do that. So don’t worry about what we do we sure as heck don’t worry about what you do with your life.

      • Fr. Hector Trevino

        Sheena I am a priest. Please tell me how a civil ceremony makes a mockery of the sacred institution of marriage. Do you make the same argument at a married heterosexual couple gets divorced?

    • Erin

      Whether you like it or not, marriage is a legal contract, not a covenant. I am an atheist. My husband is an atheist. We got married in Virginia by a justice of the peace outside of a church and the word “God” was never uttered, yet we were able to get married. This is because RIGHT THIS SECOND marriage is an entirely separate issue from religion. Your church will (and should!) always have the right to deny a couple from being married in their church, but not in the eyes of the government.

      • Belsma

        I was not married in a church either and if two people love each other who am I to say it’s wrong? I get more worked up over the people who “think” it’s wrong because of a book written by man says so. I will not them run my life though and I will calm down and will try not to put the “ball” back in their court. 99 percent of the time we will not sway people over religion or politics. It is what it is, I just find it funny that some people do not just realize this will not be “won” by any side. Move on! :)

    • fart

      lol society has moved past your antiquated ideology and tooth-gnashing, amoral bigots like you are being left in the dust. enjoy being the bad guy in the annals of history, you fuckin’ simpleton

      • B Addy

        God has nothing to do with it. It is a sickness . A perverted sickness , but a sickness. The annals of history have shown you are the one on “the wrong side” but if you keep repeating it is normal , that makes it true right? Wrong.

    • Mary Comello Smyth

      “Marriage” or “spouse” is mentioned in over 1000 federal tax and social security regulations. These terms relate to state recognized secular marriage – which does not need to be solemnized by a pastor, minister or priest. There are ministers, however, who disagree with your interpretation of what “God” wants – or perhaps they pray to a different God than you. It’s irrelevent, since our laws are not based on what you, these other ministers, or anyone else thinks God wants. The current tide of court cases should make it clear that if you enact a law based soley on either what you think God wants or on your personal moral disapproval of a group of people who engage in perfectly legal sexual acts, that law will be deemed unconstitutional by the courts.

  • kitty

    I say….it is no ones place to judge…if they want to live in sin….they only have to answer to God… we all live in sin everyday

  • John

    This is just plan out right disgusting homosexuality is nothing more than a perversion remember what you do today you will be judged for.

    • athynz

      So in your eyes a “true” marriage is one performed in a church by a priest/pastor/rabbi? Are you saying that two consenting adults who love each other cannot get married any other way?

      • athynz

        i knew you were g a y!”

        Yet another “burner” ID David/Troll? Why even bother dude, we all know it’s you. At any rate nope, not g a y at all – you may wish I was but you’ll get no tube steak from me. Guess you’ll have to keep on trolling the bars.

      • David

        athynz, as per usual you are incorrect. Who is “we”? Do you have a frog in your pocket or are you just plain ignorant.

      • athynz

        athynz, as per usual you are incorrect. Who is “we”? Do you have a frog in your pocket or are you just plain ignorant.

        AUGUST 15, 2014 AT 10:05 AM

        The Village Idiot, petie athens, is talking to himself again.

        AUGUST 15, 2014 AT 10:10 AM”

        Let’s break down a typical David/Troll post: Drive by, no comment on the actual topic itself, and tends to be insulting towards me, manalishi, roger, or becky. Now let’s look at ha ha’s post:

        i knew you were g a y!”

        So we have a drive by comment, it does not deal with the topic, and is attempting to insult me. If the shoe fits David…

      • David

        athynz, you continue to prove that you are an idiot. Your logic is not sound. Try a class in Deductive and Inductive Logic. BTW. Your comment meets your same criteria, therefore you are “HAHA”. If the shoe fits, stick it where the sun soesn’t shine Mr Village Idiot.

      • athynz

        athynz, you continue to prove that you are an idiot.”

        Hardly – I keep proving that you are the true village idiot with a stalking complex.

        “Your logic is not sound. Try a class in Deductive and Inductive Logic.”

        Already done and yes my logic is quite sound. You protest too much David.

        “BTW. Your comment meets your same criteria, therefore you are “HAHA””

        Wrong again. There was no insult, my comment was not a drive by, and I address the article.

        “If the shoe fits, stick it where the sun soesn’t shine Mr Village Idiot.”

        Make me David – invite is always open.

    • Lee Bess Toad

      And if they did, they’d no doubt have a better marriage than that strong proponent of family values, Bob McDonnell. Who threw his wife under the bus. While being cuckolded. Some family values.

  • Jacky

    The USA has become way too liberal. ACLU and NAACP have ruined our country. Most countries would behead a homosexual or a child molester. Here in the good ol US of A we treat it as a mental illness. This is nothing more than a sick and twisted perversion.

    • Sam

      What universe are you living in? The U.S.A. does treats neither homosexuality nor child molestation as a mental illness. That is a pretty stupid comment. Most countries would not behead those you referenced, only extremest Islam would do that. You should move to an Arab Muslim country to witness your extremest views.

  • Jess

    I think the largest misconception about marriage is that it is something only Christians practice. However any small bit of research shows that marriages have been practiced for thousands of years by many cultures around the world. Marriages were being performed long before Christianity even hit the scene, so why does this one religion feel the need to impose their beliefs on such a diverse country of many religions and beliefs. This nation was founded as a safe haven for people fleeing persecution for their beliefs and yet these are the same people who are trying to force others to live by their rules. Please tell me what sense this makes?
    All anyone is asking is that they are treated as equals you do not have to “like” their lifestyle but you should not treat them any differently or make them feel as if they are beneath you. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the main message of Christianity is to love thy neighbor? I don’t recall ever reading a story of Jesus turning anyone away but instead going out into everyday life and mixing with “undesirables” of the time. He loved everyone no matter what, and if you’re a true Christian you should be ashamed of yourself for treating others as humans less worthy than yourself.
    ….Besides the part in the bible that most refer to as condemning homosexuality also condemns wearing any fabric comprised of different materials as an equal sin….I’d like to know which of you has never worn a polyester blend?

    • Belsma

      Very long, but good post Jess. Also, who has not touched a football? :) Thank you for your heartfelt and informative post, unfortunately, hate is “taught”, and certain people were raised like this. It’s sad, very sad. I don’t care who someone loves as long as they are good people and contributing members to society then go for it!

    • a believer

      Not sure what Christian on here is saying they hate homosexuals, but anyway, just because Christians believe homosexuality is a sin and have no problem with people knowing they disagree with it does not mean they hate someone. I dont hate anyone who is homosexual, I just dont agree with their lifestyle. Thats like if my child stole something, I would let them know it was wrong and I dont agree with it because it doesnt align with our beliefs. That doesnt mean I hate them or treat them less than. If a Christian was ok with homosexuals getting married, then that means they condone their lifestyle and are not standing up for their beliefs. No one is treating anyone differently but you’re saying Christians should ignore this lifestyle and be ok with it but being ok with it is conforming to the world which is something the bible warns about (Romans 12:2). As far as the fabrics mixing (wool and linen is what the bible specifically says in Leviticus 19:19 and in Deutoronomy 22:11), these two fabrics give off heat that is exhausting to the body, depleting its strength in the heat they lived in in those old testament times. These two versus are about keeping things in our lives pure, physically and sprititually. The bible is full of parables like this. Further in the new testament is where it blatantly condemns homosexuality in 1 Corinthians 6:9. However we can all confess Jesus,repent of our sins and be made rightheous before God.

  • Dan

    Everyone keeps claiming that they have a Constitutional Right to marry… Regardless of what side you are on, marriage is not a right

    • Mary Comello Smyth

      Sounds like you’re saying that our government should get out of the business of issuing marriage licenses altogether. Unless, of course, you’re saying that a majority vote can dictate to people whether blacks can marry whites, muslims can marry christians, and atheists can marry anyone.

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