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Man killed, children ejected from car in Ashland crash

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ASHLAND, Va. -- One man was killed and two children injured in a multi-vehicle crash that closed Route 1 in Ashland for five hours on Tuesday. Hanover County Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Chris Whitley identified the man who died in the crash as 41-year-old Floyd F. Robinson, Jr., of Jericho Road in Caroline County.

The preliminary investigation indicated Robinson’s vehicle was lawfully stopped in the left southbound lane of Rt. 1 in order to make a left turn into a business when he was struck in the rear by a 1998 Ford van that was traveling in the same lane, Whitley said.

"This caused Robinson’s vehicle to spin into the northbound lane at which time all occupants, who were not wearing seatbelts, were ejected from the vehicle onto the northbound side of the roadway," he added.

The children, ages six and 11, were taken to VCU Medical Center with serious injuries.

"In an effort to avoid the crash, a third vehicle (a 2013 Ford Fusion) traveling northbound on Rt. 1 swerved and struck Robinson’s vehicle," Whitley said. "This caused a fourth vehicle (a 2007 GMC SUV) to swerve to avoid hitting the 2013 Ford Fusion, which then struck Robinson who was lying in the roadway."

Charges are pending in the crash, Whitley said.

A customer at the nearby Sheehy Ford of Ashland ran to the crash scene to perform CPR on at least one victim. The customer is in the Army and stationed at Fort Lee.

A witness who drove up on the accident moments after it happened said she saw at least three people lying in the road.

"My husband ran right out," Monae McNair said a short while after the crash.  "I could hear crying from the little boy and girl.  They were young."

"All hell broke loose," witness Michelle Taylor said. Taylor said she was stopped in traffic for 45 minutes before deputies detoured her around the crash scene.


  • Linda

    What about the people seriously injured in this accident and their family members?? What is wrong with people today? No compassion, no caring, and all about being inconvienced. Sure you wouldn’t feel this way if your family member was involved! Say a prayer for all involved and say another one later that your family is home safe and sound!!!

    • CJ

      thank you @linda. i too pray for the families involved in the accidents yesterday. also to anyone without sense to see that this was a terrible, tragic accident – look at the video there’s an EMT performing CPR!! – that alone should be enough for you to stop and think about these victims.

  • Belsma

    We came through 95 from DC right before the accident. Guess people jumped on 1 after that happened. I was pouring rain and road conditions were not good. Hope everyone involved is okay. LT, get over yourself.

  • Pat Chapter

    Everytime we get stuck or inconvenienced due to an accident, we should be praying for those involved, and praying it wasn’t one of OUR family members or friends. If at the time, you think for a minute, those people might be MY family or friend up there, and they need me to wait 45 minutes to make sure they get them to the hospital ??? Don’t know about you guys, but I’ll wait the 45 minutes, my friends and family mean a little more to me than 45 mintutes, I’ve waited way longer than 45 mintues, and still thought it was ok. (By the way, if you’re stuck over 1/2 hour SOMEBODY’s life is on the line, would you want them to wait for you ?)

  • Paula

    Tom you is a sick nohuman being. What if it was your family member. It probably still wouldn’t matter. How can you stand yourself. One day you are going to get what comming to are a real jack###

  • Patsy&David

    You no there r sum really ignorant ppl out here, If u seen DAT car that Floyd an children were n after d accident , U would think that If d children did have the seatbelt on the impact an crash would probably had taken their lives, not jus dads. Their family r in our prayers. So 2 all the ignorant ppl on here need to pray that it wasn’t their family/friends. We love Shae and babies.

  • teresa

    What is wrong with people today? Who gives a rat about the 14 mike back people! I am sure you would not be saying these cruel things if your family member was involved in this horrible accident .. I have known Floyd for years now and I can tell you all that he loved his kids with all his heart and that he would never put them in harms way.. Keep your nasty and cruel comments to yourself ……

  • Elaine

    it’s sad that so many were injured and/or lost their life. I get a mixed emotion about the fact that the 2 children wouldn’t be on route to the hospital if they had seatbelts on. My kids would get upset if they weren’t clicked up before we left the driveway. I’m proud, I taught them well. It’s a simple question that can never be answered “why didn’t the kids have seatbelts?”

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