Investigators release new details into death of actor Robin Williams

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MARIN COUNTY, California -- Robin Williams apparently died of asphyxia due to hanging, Marin County Sheriff's Lt. Keith Boyd said Tuesday. The final cause will not be certified for several weeks, said Boyd, who also is the county's Assistant Chief Deputy Coroner

Williams' body was found "slightly suspended in a seated position" with a belt around his neck, Boyd said. The other end of the belt was between a closed door and the door frame.

Williams' left wrist had cuts when he was found dead in a bedroom at his home, Boyd said. A pocket knife was found near his body, and a red material consistent with dried blood was found on the knife, Boyd said. He said tests will be conducted to determine whether the substance is blood.

Williams was last seen alive at about 10:30 p.m. Sunday, by his wife, when she went to bed, Boyd said.

He apparently went into a bedroom at an unknown time after that, and his wife left the home at about 10:30 a.m. Monday, believing him to be asleep, Boyd said.

Williams' personal assistant, concerned because he wasn't responding to knocks on his bedroom door, entered the room and found him dead at about 11:45 a.m., said Boyd.

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  • Gail

    It’s so sad that such a great man who made so many laugh was in such a dark place. He’ll be greatly missed

    • jo

      I felt the same way .Why didn’t she see him before she left the house.There is way more to this story………

    • tay

      D not accuse his wife of anything, his wife does not have to sleep with him, duhh, don’t get her twisted up in this dillemma.

  • chris

    I can’t watch most of your videos because I refuse to install hooktv. Why should I install this to watch a video. Might have to switch to nbc12.

  • samantha

    Robin Williams looked extremely old beyond his years, typical for anyone who is chronically malnourished, unable to absorb the food he eats, even if such food is nutritious, a consequence of perpetual inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, damaged beyond repair by trans fat, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, MSG, alcohol, acidic food — pretty much the notorious Western Diet and especially frankenfood, indicated by depression, poor attitude, heart disease, high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, constipation, E.D., low desire, IBS (diseases can number in the hundreds), and the most obvious indicator, the swollen abdomen, which used to be a given in old age but now has creeped all the way down to teenagers. Even athletes suffer, if not from a protruding abdomen, then from a sweet tooth and alcohol consumption, because refined sugars and alcohol are easily absorbed, even by a damaged G.I. system.

    Another usual suspect is corporate farming, its products virtually depleted of minerals and nutrition. As a consequence, for example, 80 percent of the population is now deficient in magnesium, a vital co-factor in hundreds of cell, organ and brain functions. When you consider there are many other mineral deficiencies, it’s only by miracle that so many are still alive.

    A more ominous suspect is the healthcare system, itself. Magnesium deficiency is indicated by depression, however, doctors prescribe, more by rule, not magnesium supplements but a drug such as Paxil, and most drugs further deplete magnesium from the body. A person sick today is better off staying away from the healthcare system altogether.

    If psychologists ever have to admit that depression is a food-borne illness, well, they’d be out of jobs, wouldn’t they? And so would a large segment of the healthcare industry, especially Big Pharma.

    But by far the worst usual suspects, the ones most responsible for inflamed digestive systems and malnorishment, are the psycopaths in the mainstream media, which used to be the Fourth Estate but no longer is, who’ve, by way of silence, thrown in with corporate bottom lines and stock holders — anything to make a buck at the expense of the health of children, families and adults.

    Robin Williams would still be alive today had the press taken up arms fifty years ago against lethal corpoate greed and profit, as had the Surgeon General first gone after lethal tobacco in the Sixties.

    In the same way there are dummies who continue to smoke today, most of the population continues to feast on the Western diet, completely oblivious to the contamination that makes them sicker today and older tomorrow, believing the pie today is the same one made by their grandmothers two generations ago.

    Nostalgia is an indicator of our bankrupt environment and the food in it, a psychological mechanism that struggles to compensate for unhappiness and depression, but rarely is the desired effect ever achieved because addiction to Western lifestyle paralyzes the conscience from ever regaining the health and well being required for true happiness.

    • Penn Kname

      ‘Samantha’, this is why we can’t have nice things. You just took the greatest amount of unrelated, unscientific nonsense and managed to turn it into a boring, yawn inducing diatribe about that there evil corporate America. Go home, you’re drunk….. And need to see help yourself.

    • -------------------

      Actually I agree with Samantha. The amount of things that are in our food would shock you. Our ancestors lived to 80-90 years old without processed sugars and prescription drugs. They also remembered the people around them when they were 50-60 instead of living the last years of their life in a vegetative state. I am a big fan of Robin Williams. It is sad for his family that this has happened. People do need to wake up and not be told by everyone to be quiet because they are boring and how they are ‘scientifically wrong.’ You don’t think that the ‘scientists’ that are publishing reports aren’t the same ‘scientists’ that are pushing chemicals and prescription drugs?

    • HappyKatt

      Corporate greed killed Robin Williams? You have got to be fucking kidding me!!! Can’t we just mourn a tragic death at least until the man is in the ground before getting out the soapbox? You people need serious help!!!

    • B

      Hi Samantha! I never comment on stories, but you are RIGHT ON!! People don’t understand that arthritis, osteoporosis, mental illness, “IBS” , neurological disorders, and the list goes on and on …are NOT normal in the aging process. There is an underlining cause!! THESE ARE FACTS and there are EVEN studies right on .gov websites.

  • Beth Hayes

    Samantha, unless you are an MD, dietitician, PhD in food science or were personal chef to RW, your comments have absolutely no relevance to the video. Unbelievable hubris: even the ME says it will take many days to determine all the details.

  • samantha

    @Beth Hayes
    My comment is an essay, which does not require credentials, any more than you need credentials to express your views here.

    Still, do an internet search using the keywords depression and magnesium. You will find not just credentialed experts but also studies showing a clear link between magnesium deficiency and depression.

    Most Americans are 80% magnesium deficient because so much of the food they consume has empty calories. Alcoholics, many of whom get more than half their calories from drinking, are especially at risk because there is no magnesium in alcohol.

    Besides depression, irritability is another indicator of malnutrition, explaining all the lack of civilty on the internet, road rage, and just plain old rudness infesting society.

    How ironic, a nation of people who are both obese and malnourished.

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